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Curtains with flowers: 10 simple rules for use in the interior (23 photos)


Floral print is a fairly common home decor, so curtains with flowers are successfully used in many styles and interior solutions.

A few decades ago, flowers on curtains and curtains could be made with the help of weaving colored threads. Modern technologies make it possible to print a print on the fabric, which allows you to expand the range of curtains with flowers to incredible sizes.



Styles that use floral-patterned curtains

Many people believe that floral curtains will easily fit into any interior. No need to spend time choosing, digging into catalogs and watching photos online. This opinion is wrong. Flower curtains are very difficult to choose for both existing design and for a room that is just to be repaired. Therefore, it is very important to determine the style of the interior space. It is she who will tell which floral ornament will become an integral part of the design.

Floral curtains always bring notes of romance and tenderness, which is the hallmark of styles such as country and Provence. In these interiors is only welcome to use a variety of natural ornaments in any shape and any size.

To create a warm light atmosphere, decorate the window with curtains of pastel shades with a small floral print. This solution looks very nice in the living room and bedroom, where peace, comfort and sunny color should prevail. Make a few pillows to match the curtains, and your interior will look very harmonious and interconnected.



Elegant Victorian Style

Classic English style also suggests the presence of similar patterns on the drape windows. For a spectacular continuation of the general line, it is better to give preference to curtains with large roses. The British love the Queen of Flowers very much and use her image everywhere. If you do not like roses, use fabric with a pattern of other plants, but the print should be small. The best solution for the Victorian style designers consider neutral colors that do not overload the overall picture of the interior.



Choosing a fabric for curtains

The size and shades of the flower print should strictly correspond not only to the chosen style, but also to the functional nature of the room.

Living room

The living room uses fabrics that emphasize the design of the walls and surrounding furniture. Determine the central element of the interior and based on this, select the colors of the curtains. According to the rules of decoration, it should differ sharply from the shades of the main decor. If the room is already saturated with flowers, window draping can be done in a neutral scale.




A bedroom is a room in which people retreat from prying eyes, which means that in the interior of the room every detail should emphasize this feature of the room.

According to the rules of decorating, curtains with flowers should be made in the same stylistic decision with a bedspread and pillows. No matter what kind of ornament will be filled with curtains - large or small - the main thing is that it creates an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. There should not be many colors in the bedroom, therefore drapery for windows is chosen in accordance with one of the tones already existing in the interior.




For kitchen perfect short curtains with bright, large, floral ornament. The color of the fabric depends on the area of ​​the room. In a small room it is better to use light colors, for a large room there are no special rules.

Drapery for windows is selected not only on the basis of the above tips. There are other features that are worth paying attention to:

  • Curtains with flowers in the interior is a harmonious combination of pomp and simplicity. If the window is decorated in the form of numerous folds in combination with a large floral ornament, it is advantageous to fit such beauty only in a specially created modest design. And vice versa, low-key models should be chosen for lush and luxurious interiors.
  • If you have a colorful panel on the opposite wall, the curtains in the same style can make the interior heavier. To create a harmonious style it is better to use the fabric of sand, cream or pistachio hues.
  • Thick linen curtains with a floral print is an excellent solution for bedrooms, where the atmosphere of solitude and peace should prevail.
  • The flower on the window drapery is chosen according to the wall design.
  • Designers recommend combining floral curtains with striped wallpaper.
  • Organza is the best solution for windows located on the north side.



What should be the picture?

No less important criterion when choosing curtains for the house - drawing. For example, a small ornament is perfect for rooms with a small free space. A small print can visually expand the room.



Large flowers - the perfect solution for spacious dining rooms and living rooms. Such curtains favorably emphasize high ceilings and unusually wide windows.



Do you prefer Japanese style? The mysteriousness of the East can be conveyed with the help of curtains with the image of sakura. This tree blooms at the beginning of the year, so there will always be spring mood in your home, a spirit of romanticism and a desire for something perfect and pure. To enhance the effect, use organza. Sakura flowers should not be stuffed, but neatly embroidered with colored threads.