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Doors in the niche: style and practicality (53 photos)

Many apartments have a niche. It is designed initially or created by owners with different goals: from storing rarely used things to a dressing room or an extra room. Like any separate room, it needs doors. What they are, what features has the installation of compartment doors in a niche, consider next.

What is important when choosing?

The configuration in which the door to the niche will be executed is determined by the dimensions of the latter. There are several door design options:

  • sliding;
  • coupe;
  • swing;
  • harmonic.

Doors can be wooden, metal, plastic, glass or combined.


The variant assumes carrying out simple installation works. But the doors look stylish, and with a properly selected decor complement the interior of adjacent rooms. This is the optimal solution for a cabinet equipped in an angular niche: the allocated space will be fully used, and its area will visually increase.


The mechanism of a compartment door in a niche provides that when it opens it hides in a wall opening. Closed forms with the wall a single composition that fits perfectly into the design of the adjacent room. The installation process is not fast, but is compensated by originality and saved space.

Sliding and coupe models are suitable for a niche that has been converted into a dressing room, bedroom or bathroom.


Not always the layout is such that you can install the latest models. In this case, fit the usual swing doors in a niche. Their advantage is ease of use. There are no complicated mechanisms here, therefore special care is not required (if the door is not glass). It is better to choose a double-wing design, since each of the canvases is two times narrower in width and requires, respectively, less space for opening.


Convenient interesting design solution. Folding doors have a number of advantages: simple installation, practicality, space saving when opening and closing, affordability.

The device door coupe type

Usually the door leaf is framed in profile. The rollers attached to it slide at the top and bottom along the guides. For models without a frame, they are attached to the canvas.

Depending on the method of fixing the compartment door in a niche, there are hanging, hinged or cassette type. For the first two options, the door moves along the wall when opened, and when the cassette system is hidden in it.

That cassette design is recognized as the most reliable. But the built-in doors of this type are not cheap, other decisions on their background are considered democratic.


Depending on the purpose of the room-niche and the general style of the adjacent space, the door to the niche is made of chipboard, plastic, glass, wood, and other materials.

However, glass doors into a niche require care: any careless movement can damage the glass, and the fragments will scatter. To prevent such incidents from happening, the door leaf or glass door inserts are covered with a film that holds the fragments.

Installation difficulties

Craftsmen-owners of apartments are trying to protect a niche on their own. Potentially, the main problem during installation is the walls - they must be perfectly flat. If you do not treat them properly, the installation of the door will be of poor quality, and the distortions will damage the structure.

Sliding doors into a niche require delicate handling: sudden movements reduce the life of the roller system, worsen the condition of the blade.

Door installation

The main advantage of the niche - all the walls are already there. It remains only to make and install the door to the niche. A significant, although the only drawback - the imbalances and irregularities of the surfaces. Align the opening, carefully install the door leaf.

The compartment doors are equipped with ceiling and floor guides. The main floor is, it holds the whole mass. Upper provides an impeccable vertical web relative to the floor and walls. It can be installed only on the original native ceiling, but not the hinged structure.

Holes are drilled for mounting the guides: strictly along the line in 40-55 cm. After that, the upper and then the lower guides are mounted. Next, the canvas is put in the grooves attached to the surface. Usually, the roller mechanism has a rubberized coating, therefore it works silently and does not require lubrication for a long time.

There are some simple ways to visually hide niche distortions:

  • The doors for the niche are decorated with mirrors or laminate. The background should not be striped - it will emphasize possible flaws.
  • In front, a smoother sash of sliding models is mounted. This installation of the door visually reduces the curvature of the remaining fabric.


The space separated by the door requires autonomous lighting. The benefits of this option are obvious: there is no need to turn on the light in the adjacent room, and the niche itself gets it more. It is mounted outside or inside, depending on the purpose of the space.

If this is part of the bedroom, then for a niche it is better to use the interior lighting on the LEDs or to arrange lamps for the interior style.

Decor element

This is an inexpensive way to drastically change the unsightly segment of a room: a corridor, a bathroom, a hallway. A very small space to use, for example, for the cabinet. Thus, the space is freed up for years overloaded with household belongings and grieving the owners.

You can decorate in any style, from classic to hi-tech. The main thing is that he does not get out of the general mood.

The utility of the design is increased by applying appropriate materials to the door to the niche. The most obvious example is mirrored fragments or solid doors for a hallway. They take a control look before leaving the house, and the space visually increases, becomes lighter, more positive.

A niche, despite its small size, can be a useful and functional space in the apartment. A well-established and aesthetic door will decorate the interior, provide privacy or hide everything that is not intended for review.