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Tiles for parquet: classics in a new version (24 photos)


Parquet is one of the most exquisite finishing materials. It is made from expensive woods that differ in their original texture and attractive colors. However, this exclusive material, used at all times for the decoration of palace halls, has a number of significant drawbacks: the high cost of parquet, complicated and expensive installation, and regular maintenance problems. It is not surprising that the number of potential buyers of this material is rapidly falling today.



Parquet is a classic floor covering around which it is possible to form the interior of rooms for various purposes. What to do if there is not enough money for this material? There is a simple and practical way out - ceramic tiles for parquet, it not only has an affordable price, but also a number of other significant advantages. Not surprisingly, this finishing material is in high demand. Collections of tiles under the flooring is today all the leading manufacturers of ceramics.

Tiles under wood are made according to the classical technology, thanks to which it has the following advantages:

  • high strength characteristics;
  • water resistance and wear resistance;
  • long service life;
  • easily tolerates temperature drops;
  • simple care due to inertness to household chemicals.

It is possible to lay tile under the parquet in any room of the house, and also to use it in the "warm floor" systems.



One of the main advantages of tile wood is the reasonable price of the material, which is ten times lower than the cost of natural parquet. The owner of the real estate will incur the minimum expenses and at payment of work of tilers. Many home craftsmen can independently take up tile laying. To do this, they need a simple tool, adhesives and grouting. Qualitatively laid tile under the floor will create a cozy and comfortable environment in the room.

There are several areas in the production and laying of parquet. Parquet floor can be laid in one of the following ways:

  • The run is simple and shifted;
  • double and triple herringbone;
  • simple, complex and diagonal squares;
  • double and triple braided.

Such a variety is caused by the use of separate small dies in the parquet, including those made of different wood species. Depending on the skill level of the stacker, it is possible to create very complex surface patterns.



The pinnacle of art to create exclusive flooring is artistic parquet. When it is created using dozens of types of wood in a wide range of colors. As a result, complex drawings, patterns and paintings are born, impressive for their originality by art historians and ordinary people.

The artists of the ceramic factories have created quite a few collections of tiles that imitate all types of parquet. Buyers can choose a classic Christmas tree, squares or a braid in a wide range of colors. Floor tiles for artistic parquet are produced, in such collections there are complex large-scale panels, inserts, roses, and other decorative elements. This allows you to create an exclusive pattern on the floor, not inferior in beauty to the palace interiors.



Manufacturers of floor tiles produce not only traditional collections of format 30x30, 40x40 or 60x60 cm. In recent years, leading factories have been offering narrow format tiles that mimic dies of parquet. This expands the design possibilities, allowing with high accuracy to imitate natural flooring in all its beauty. At the same time, the floor tile for parquet retains all its advantages, including ease of installation. Using narrow-format collections, you can create an exclusive author's design of the floor surface.



Porcelain stoneware: the main advantages

It is possible to lay out a tile a fir-tree, using such practical material as porcelain tile. It can be used in areas with high traffic, including commercial real estate. Why is wood porcelain tile more popular with interior designers today than classic tile? It is caused by the possibilities of the production technology of finishing materials.

Parquet flooring is traditionally laid in living rooms, offices, bedrooms, hallways, home libraries. The quality of wood tiles is such that it can be used in any of these premises. Classic parquet herringbone ceramic will fit into the classic interiors, collections for artistic parquet suitable for rooms designed in the Rococo or Baroque style, art nouveau or modern.



The format of this tile allows you to revet not only the floor, but also the walls. This is an ideal option for those who dreamed of a bathroom with natural wood trim, but understood the impracticality of this material for facing the walls of a room with high humidity.

Laying tiles, imitating piece or artistic parquet, produced by classical technology. However, there are a number of features: when calculating the number of tiles, it will be necessary to take it with a margin. The more complex the chosen pattern of laying - the more there will be waste tiles.