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Beige tile: universal finish (27 photos)


Beige tile is considered the most versatile material for decoration of any premises. This is ideal for a bathroom and toilet, balcony and loggia, corridors and hallways.

Beige tiles in the interior of the bathroom

Like the white, gray, and black tile in the interior, beige finish is considered universal. Manufacturers offer potential buyers the most incredible combinations of colors, shades, texture solutions. You can find smooth and matte tiles of warm and cold colors, with or without a pattern.



Mosaic, floor tiles, tiles for the apron in the kitchen - any of these options in beige color looks sophisticated and elegant. In addition, it is worth noting a number of other advantages:

  • Ceramic beige tile non-dirty and easy to use;
  • Tiled design can be very diverse through the use of patterns, unusual colors and combinations of different textures;
  • Even the most complex layouts will never be annoying;
  • The tile of beige color is good in any style of an interior.

The beige tile for the bathroom can be underlined in other stylish colors: shades of orange, peach, tea rose, lemon, and also purple, gray, black, silver, bronze tones. It is recommended that darker elements should be laid on the floor, and walls should be refined with an airy and delicate finish.

Despite its apparent simplicity, beige tiles should be chosen with special responsibility. It is worth remembering the following nuances:

  • Dark colors should give way to light colors. Otherwise, an unnecessarily dark finish will add unnecessary gloom to the interior;
  • Instead of massive dark accents, it is better to give preference to air drawings and ornate ornaments;
  • A small bathroom or toilet should be decorated with warm beige tones and white accessories. Attributes in black, dark gray, brown tones should be at a minimum;
  • Light beige tiles or beige-colored porcelain tiles will play in a new way in a room with diffused light. The ideal solution - spotlights, resistant to moisture.

Wall beige tiles will look more aristocratic due to the black ornaments. The combination of cool colors of beige and white patterns looks romantic and sophisticated. Panel, mosaic decor, skinali complement the elegant atmosphere of the bathroom. It is also better to give preference to silver or bronze mixers.



Beige tiles in the kitchen

Tiles on the floor or for the apron should be durable, easy to maintain, and also aesthetically appealing. Wall tiles are usually not subject to unnecessarily high loads, so there is much less requirement.

Beige ceramic tiles can decorate the design and living rooms. For example, fans of minimalism, high-tech and modern styles can use beige-colored porcelain tiles to finish the floor in the living room or bedroom. A gold or platinum finish will reinforce the concept of a futuristic interior.



Today, many ceramics manufacturers offer products that mimic textiles. For example, tapestry or simplified velvet texture. Such a tile design for the bathroom is not suitable, but in the hallway, living room, office will take root. In fact, this is an unusual alternative to the same fabric wallpaper.

Do not think that beige tiles ennoble low-key and classic interiors. On a beige canvas there can be a psychedelic picture, an unusual abstraction or an original ornament. This is a great option to create an installation in the direction of fusion, pop art or art deco.



Balcony improvement

The design of the balcony, many underestimate. The appearance of the room depends on its completeness and reasonableness. Beautiful and comfortable loggia, in fact, is a continuation of the apartment.

The tile of beige color will be ideally suited for these purposes. Moreover, a luxurious range of ceramics, tiles, and porcelain tiles makes it possible to elevate the location as your soul desires. The most popular tile sizes are 20x20, 25x40, 20x30.



Ceramic facing material in beige color perfectly tolerates any physical exertion, temperature drops, increased humidity, it has a particularly long service life, which is not the case with wood trim or linoleum. Polish porcelain - the ratio of excellent quality and reasonable price. However, even the most budgetary materials for decoration will take root on the glazed balcony or loggia.




Criterias of choice

If to create an apron in the kitchen is not required to comply with clear dimensions and boundaries, then with the arrangement of the balcony will have to work. It is important to measure the space to buy the required amount of tile. The finishing material should not only be combined in style and color, but also completely cover the working surfaces.



Experts recommend to give preference to the size of 20x30 or 25x40 for spacious loggias, but for small or narrow balconies the size of 20x20 will be more suitable. Sometimes it may take half a tile of the same size (for example, 25x40) and half of the tiny elements (to work in hard-to-reach places).



Important rules:

  1. Facing is selected taking into account the features of the balcony. If the construction is lightweight, the finishing material should also be extremely light. Additional load can lead to serious problems. Alternatively, you can use part of the tile (25x40 or 20x30) and part of the PVC elements to finish the ceiling or walls;
  2. The smaller the balcony, the brighter the tile should be. For locations in the northern zone or shaded foliage trees, it is better to choose warm colors with an unobtrusive light pattern. The design of the balcony is as important as, for example, the décor of an apron in the kitchen;
  3. If the balcony is an extension of the room to which it adjoins, the finishing throughout the room should be designed in the same style.

Matte textures and rough surfaces for flooring are always preferable. This is a guarantee of security.



Tile Grout

When it comes to the delicate beige palette of finishing materials, the color of grout plays a crucial role. For an apron in the kitchen, experts recommend using grout a few shades darker than the base. This will allow to emphasize the pattern of seams, making the wall installation deeper and more expressive. It looks especially impressive if the canvas consists of identical elements (for example, sizes 20x30).



The lighter the grout, the faster it will get dirty. Caring for seams has to be tediously long. That is why some designers, wanting to create an original and practical decor, for the apron and other work surfaces use a light beige finish and rich chocolate grout tones.

Beige tiles - the perfect solution for any room in the house. By following the simple rules of design and installation, you can enjoy the perfect look for a long time.