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How to get rid of mold: housewives advise


Mold is familiar to us all: its white, green or black patches appear on stale foods, in basements, cellars and any other damp and dark places. Besides the fact that mold spoils things and products, it is also unhealthy.

How to get rid of mold forever with their own hands and, most importantly, how to make it never appear?

Mold is a microorganism of the genus of fungi. Mold fungi are able to grow in any wet and warm places. In unventilated areas without sunlight, colonies of microorganisms grow very quickly, affecting everything around: wood, concrete walls, furniture. A tree affected by mold spores quickly becomes unusable, the concrete loses its strength and begins to crumble. People who regularly come in contact with mold are at risk of getting serious diseases, as many of its species secrete mycotoxins - poisons that cause damage to the nervous system, internal organs and the appearance of allergies.

The appearance of mold is easier to prevent than to fight against its manifestations, therefore, competent prevention will save your time, money and keep you healthy. Moreover, it is possible to notice the appearance of mold with the naked eye only when its colony has already begun to grow actively.

The following conditions are necessary for the appearance of mold:

  • favorable conditions - warm, high humidity, poor ventilation of the air in the room;
  • the presence of mold spores in the air and on objects;
  • nutrient medium on which spores could multiply - organic matter, paper, wood;
  • storage of spoiled products.

In very favorable conditions, the mold will multiply on all objects, including glass and plastic. The most favorable for mold is the absence of air ventilation. In a well-ventilated area, most spores are carried outside by air flow. In stagnant air, spores settle on all objects and begin to multiply exponentially.

If mold sometimes does appear, you need to add a solution of sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, and dissolved soap to the water for cleaning. Also, the means to combat mold include:

  • copper sulphate;
  • sulfur checker;
  • concentrated citric acid;
  • ammonia;
  • strong salt solution;
  • boric acid;
  • bleaching powder.

In some cases, surface treatment with open fire, such as a gas burner, helps.

In a damp and poorly ventilated apartment, mold can form almost everywhere. Most often it appears in such places:

  • on the walls;
  • on the windows;
  • on the ceiling;
  • on the wallpaper;
  • in the washing machine;
  • in the bathroom;
  • in the closet;
  • on the balcony.

Wallpaper, strongly spoiled by fungus, it is better to remove completely. If it is a little spots, it is possible to try to remove them bleach.

To get rid of mold on the walls can be this way: the wall must be cleaned with a spatula to the concrete in damaged areas, rinse with bleach and dry. The same recommendations are suitable for the ceiling. The best remedy for walls and ceilings for mold is a special antiseptic primer. It will destroy the existing mold and will not allow the formation of a new one. The walls, on which the fungus has already appeared, should preferably be covered with air-permeable finishing materials - water-based paint, paper wallpaper - after processing and not close to high furniture.

Mold usually appears on plastic windows. Plastic is easy to wash off with any detergent. Regular airing and reduced air humidity will help prevent its occurrence in the future.

How to get rid of mold on the balcony?

On the balcony, mold can form from the water flowing from the roof if the building is poorly equipped with water drainage. It is necessary to isolate your balcony from the flow of water and remove from it all unnecessary items that interfere with air exchange. Concrete slab, damaged by mold, can be treated as well as the walls in the apartment: clean, sanitize and cover with primer.

How to get rid of the smell of mold in the closet?

Mold in the closet can be formed from the storage of unexpressed things in it. Any musty smell appearing from the closet should alert the owner. The cabinet needs to be sorted out, things are washed and dried. Ventilate the cabinet itself and, if necessary, rinse it with bleach. After drying, the wooden parts, uncoated with varnish, smear with antiseptic.

In the bathroom, good ventilation is necessary to prevent mold. After using the shower, you need to wipe the walls of water drops and ventilate the bathroom. The black mold that has appeared on the ceramic tile is washed with citric acid, the seams between the tiles must be cleaned from the traces of the fungus and re-greased with waterproof sealant. The walls and ceiling in the bathroom are treated the same way as in the room. It is desirable to use breathable finishing materials with the addition of antiseptics.

How to get rid of mold in a washing machine?

If there are traces of mold in the washing machine, you can start it on a full wash cycle with the hottest water possible, and in the main laundry compartment pour a pack of citric acid. After the end of washing and draining the water, wipe the machine dry and leave it open for ventilation.

In the kitchen, you need to carefully ensure that the products are properly stored and not spoiled. Spoiled immediately throw away the place where they lay, rinse with bleach. The refrigerator should be regularly washed, dried and monitored for the proper storage of food in it.

Mold in non-residential premises

In non-residential premises to remove traces of mold, you can use stronger tools.

How to get rid of white mold in the bath?

When a fungus is found in the bath, you need to clean the logs with an iron brush. A heavily damaged log is better to cut and insert a new one. After cleaning, process logs with special compounds that are suitable for baths. Subsequently, ensure that the bath after use is dried through the airways.

To cope with the fungus in the country or in the garage by any suitable means, as the garage does not apply to residential premises. After the work on the destruction of the mold you need to equip country houses and a garage with good ventilation and keep in order. These measures will significantly reduce the risk of an unpleasant fungus in the future.

How to get rid of the smell of mold in the apartment?

The sharp and musty smell of mold anywhere is a sign that it has already appeared. It is necessary to find the source of the smell, to carry out the necessary work and to ventilate this place.