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Jewelry box: exquisite trunks for every taste (23 photos)


Jewelry box is the most convenient attribute of the dressing table, which allows you to store all sorts of small objects, cosmetics, watches, etc. These small chests can be of different designs and made of completely different materials: regular cardboard, wood, metal, leather. You can buy them in the store or make it yourself.

A bit of history

Jewelry box is a small box or a box with a lid for storing jewelry, securities and other small items.



In ancient times, the casket was called a casket, casket or bauchik. As a rule, all chests used to have a lid with a lock. Very often, these objects were equipped with hiding places, for example, a double bottom or a special hidden space in the thickness of the lid. Sometimes a jewelry box made by a skilled craftsman had a special secret. It was possible to open such a product only by doing a series of certain manipulations.

A modern jewelry box may well look no worse than its old predecessors. Moreover, with the development of technology, the opportunity to diversify the decoration of this never-out of fashion accessory has grown.

On the shelves of stores today, most often you can find different types of caskets.



Wood Caskets

Most often, these products are decorated with exquisite carvings or burn patterns and even pictures on them. Wooden jewelry boxes are considered classics. The price of them can vary in a rather wide range, since they can be made from both ordinary wood and precious wood.

Leather Boxes

Leather box is more suitable for a man. As a rule, such products look expensive and solid. Men's box does not need an abundance of decorative ornaments. She can be pretty laconic. For her, rather successfully choose the texture and color of the skin. This accessory will serve as a faithful service when storing men's watches and jewelry (cufflinks, tie clips, etc.).



Glass or crystal boxes

Transparent jewelry boxes made of glass or crystal will reliably preserve jewelry and give a refined interior lightness and special refinement. Sometimes glass chests are placed in a metal frame and also decorated with elegant metal patterns in the form of a flower, a butterfly, etc.

Porcelain Boxes

Porcelain caskets are often decorated with hand-painted. They are considered a budget option, but they look very aesthetically pleasing, and in some cases, such a white jewelry box can be as good as expensive models.



Stone Boxes

Casket for jewelry made of stone, on the contrary, not everyone will have to afford. These are, as a rule, exclusive products made of jasper, malachite, carnelian, serpentine, or other semi-precious stones.

Metal caskets

Metal jewelry box - a rare instance. Most often, they are made of simple metal, and then coated with silver or tin. However, sometimes small caskets for high-value or memorable objects are made entirely of silver or even gold, but there are very few such specimens.



When choosing a casket, remember that this is not just a box for storing small items or jewelry. The box is an interior decoration and an indicator of your aesthetic taste.

What should be a jewelry box, a woman should decide herself. To better navigate the variety of models, listen to simple tips:

  • choose the size of the chest in accordance with the number and dimensions of the items that you plan to store in it, for a small ringlet it is unlikely that you need a large box;
  • in order that small objects do not accidentally crumble, or that small children do not use jewelry as toys, it is better to choose models with locks;
  • A multi-tiered jewelry box is very convenient if you need to place a large number of small items in different compartments (for example, one tier can be identified under the rings, the second under the earrings, the third under the necklace, etc.);
  • the material of the casket and its design style must necessarily fit in harmoniously with the interior of the room.

Jewelry box is a great gift. After all, almost every woman has a variety of items that will be very convenient to store in such a chest.

Jewelry box with your own hands

Those who still do not have in the house a useful chest for storing small things, do not despair, because the box for jewelry, made with your own hands, may well be a nice addition to the interior.



If there is no suitable drawer on hand, you can make it yourself from cardboard. By the way, in this case you will have the opportunity to give the box the desired shape. For example, it can be made round or heart-shaped. To do this, cut the base of the desired configuration and stick to it along the edge of a strip of cardboard of the desired height.

After the box is ready, it remains only to give it a beautiful aesthetic appearance. The easiest way to do this is to glue over the surface with colored paper. Next, the box should be decorated with decorative elements: applique, flowers, rhinestones, sequins, colored stones, patterns in the technique of quilling, etc. Absolutely everything that your fantasy can suggest will do.



You can simply paste the inside of the wrapping paper or make it soft by cutting out thin pieces of foam rubber and wrapping them in a cloth.



A casket is an item that will reliably preserve your jewelry, watches, jewelry and other trifles safe and sound. And it is not at all necessary that this accessory cost a huge amount of money. Products made by hand can look quite beautiful and even exquisitely if you put in a bit of warmth and a little imagination.