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House of containers - the solution to the housing problem (25 photos)


Sky-high prices for habitual housing are forced to look for an alternative to it. Increasingly, the solution is becoming a container house.

What containers are houses built from?

For modular homes, two types of cargo containers are most often used: sea and rail.

Their internal dimensions are standard. For marine: length 6, 12 and 13.5 m, height 2.35 and 2.7 m, width 2.35. For rail, respectively: 6; 2.35; 2.35 meters




Sea or railway containers are made of solid steel, which makes it possible to install them on several floors.

The floor is usually made of steel or wood. The roof is made of iron beams and steel. The fastening of all elements of the container is practically hermetic. The module is loaded through the end, the door of which is equipped with special seals. It can be removed, but it is more practical to use the flap butt as the base of the veranda or for closing the house.



Block containers

New construction industry. Block-containers have more diverse sizes: height from 2.6 to 3 m; length is 3-9 m; width 2.3-3 m. There is an option with a length of 12 m. They also, like traditional ones, consist of a strong frame, are stationary, that is, welded firmly, or collapsible, which makes it easy to transport and assemble them on site.

The metal frame is the same; modular houses from block-containers differ in the structure of walls and roofs. For wall cladding, profiled sheeting, plywood, standard or sandwich panels, metal sheet or polymer coated are used.

At the request of the client, even a simple country house from a block-container can be equipped with heating, electrical wiring, other utilities, and have 2 floors. Available in the "northern" version, taking into account any climate. You can order a mobile home-wagon ready.

This type of accommodation has pros and cons. However, it is popular for several reasons, the main of which is financial: the cost of constructing houses from block-containers, rail or sea is several times less than a traditional house of equal area.

What are good containers?

You can live in it permanently or from time to time. Besides houses from sea, railway containers:

  • Durable. The frame of the container makes facilities more reliable than wooden houses. They are well protected from unauthorized entry.
  • They are built easier and faster than ordinary houses: a solid foundation is not needed, you can get by more easily. All the necessary structures are there, it remains to warm everything and to arrange it beautifully.
  • Immune to earthquakes, floods, other external influences, detrimental to standard buildings.
  • Ecologically safe. The port container is intended for the storage of various cargoes, it is made only of certified materials, so there is no need to worry about health hazards.
  • Fertile object for individual design, turning them into an exclusive.
  • Mobile The house from the containers can be easily transported to a new place: the building will not suffer.
  • It is possible to install houses from sea containers in areas with a significant horizontal slope.
  • Installed in regions with extreme climates (Far North, Siberia).
  • Can be multi-storey, for example, in two floors of the four container segments.

All of the above makes it possible to erect large structures, even multi-unit ones. Similar projects have already been implemented in Europe and the USA.




What is worth considering?

The direct purpose of the containers is the transportation of goods. This is due to the few drawbacks of the house from the containers:

  • increased tightness, the problem of which can be solved by installing a high-quality ventilation system;
  • the walls of the container quickly heat up and cool down, so the container intended for living must be properly insulated;
  • the design may rust, therefore, preliminary anti-corrosion treatment is required.

A significant flaw at home from freight containers that cannot be repaired is a height not exceeding 2.4 meters. Tall people in such housing will be uncomfortable. Block containers are better in this respect - they are three meters tall.

Modular homes from containers can be installed even in a small area. Durable construction and material make realistic any projects of houses of different configurations, as from a designer. There are several typical options, however, architects constantly produce new ideas.




From 1 container

The most affordable, economical, fast option to build a house out of containers. From the building with a length of 6 m and with a usable area of ​​14 sq. M there will be a small guest house. It can be used as a workshop, storage or for other household needs.

The module is 12 meters long with a useful area of ​​28 sq. M. Can accommodate a room, a kitchen and a bathroom. It turns out a good guest or country house from the container.

Expand the mini-house a variety of awnings, verandas. They are created by placing on the lower container another one, hanging or shifted. The protruding part is mounted on supports. An unusual look has a canopy, obtained by installing the upper module on the lower, spaced from each other.

For spending the weekend on the water. It was built by a resident of the American Buffalo. The design includes a frame and base of durable plywood, and all used plastic containers are kept afloat.

Construction of the house from containers

Having decided to build a house of sea containers, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the area under construction. Construction includes several stages:

  1. Project development, design thinking.
  2. Foundation construction.
  3. Connecting modules in a one-piece design.
  4. Ensuring the strength of supporting structures.
  5. Installation of the warming material.
  6. Decorative design of the building.

If you have the experience and skills, you can do almost everything on your own and save. Otherwise, entrust the construction of houses from containers to specialists. With any option a lot of time it does not take.

The main thing you need to remember - the internal layout can be any. It is advisable not to forget about utility rooms, to make convenient movement between them. There will be as many living rooms as there are containers.


The container is made of durable steel, therefore it is massive, but its weight, even from three sea containers, cannot be compared with a traditional stone house, therefore a belt-type foundation is sufficient. However, in regions with loose or marshy soils, one cannot do without piles.

A powerful foundation, the installation of which takes up a third of all costs, is not required in any case.

Module connection

Reliable method - welding. During the assembly process, metal fasteners are used: angles or channels.

Grinders cut window and door openings, after which the cuts are carefully processed.