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PVC doors: modern classics (21 photos)


Plastic doors quickly broke into our lives two decades ago. At first it was white PVC balcony doors and entrance panels for small shops. They have proven to be practical products, affordable and having a long service life. Today, interior and exterior PVC doors occupy a significant market share and are installed in respectable mansions, fashionable restaurants and hotels. The practicality of polyvinyl chloride, its plasticity and reasonable price allow you to create products that differ not only in appearance but also in design features. These are hinged doors, pendulum doors made of PVC, folding doors, sliding models. Combines all these types of products design of aluminum or metal profiles in the base and decorative coating of plastic.



Design features of PVC doors

Only the PVC accordion door is made entirely of plastic, characterized by the ability to fold when opened. To do this, its design consists of several panels of the same width and special fittings. Such deaf doors are used only as interior doors in small areas.



The advantages of PVC doors

Modern plastic doors are used as entrance, interior, installed in the bathroom and on the balcony. A wide range of applications is the best proof of the advantages of this product. Chief among them are:

  • a variety of finishes;
  • small weight;
  • tightness;
  • maintainability;
  • functionality.

The low weight of the PVC profile door avoids sagging, thanks to which it always closes easily and with high quality, ensuring a high level of sound insulation and heat insulation.



Plastic door types

To destination doors covered with PVC, are divided into the following types:

  • interior;
  • input;
  • balcony

Moisture resistant doors leading to the balcony are distinguished from other models by the presence of special fittings and the size of the glass unit.



By type of construction laminated PVC doors are divided into the following types:

  • swing;
  • folding;
  • sliding;
  • pendulum;
  • single doors;
  • bivalves;
  • arched.

A variety of models opens up endless possibilities for designers and architects. So, pendulum doors made of PVC can be used in rooms with a shortage of space. Sliding models are used in the systems of panoramic glazing. Luxury double PVC doors are used in public places and respectable cottages. Characteristics of folding models make them an excellent choice for the garden, wardrobe, outbuildings.

Traditionally, this type of product is chosen on the balcony, preferring glazed on 2/3 models. This allows for maximum illumination of the room. Usually, ordinary white doors are used, although the finish under bleached oak is no less light, but it looks more impressive. Depending on the features of the interior, you can choose a veneered door to the balcony of any shade. This should be used to give the interior an exclusive character.

PVC veneered bathroom doors are becoming increasingly popular today. Their thermal performance allows them to withstand high humidity, not to release heat. It is easy to care for an artificial veneer surface, and the variety of choices allows you to choose a model of the desired shade. Habitual white doors can be replaced with whitened oak, universal shades are very popular: oak, cherry, beech.

Veneered double doors - a great option for a living room or exit to the terrace. Interior PVC models today are not inferior in their design products from MDF. They can compete in price, but surpass them in functionality. Decorating veneered PVC interior doors can be any: glass stained glass, fusing, decorative elements. The choice of shades is impressive: from bleached oak to ebony and merbau.



Folding models do not make glass, but it can hardly be called a minus. Most often they are used for installation in utility rooms, so their size is small, which allows you to enter a solid canvas in the design of the house without undue hassle.