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Interior doors from ekoshpon: pure aesthetics (20 photos)


Many consumers believe that a good quality item can be purchased only for big money. Alas, but it is this line of thought that is often the reason why the consumer simply does not pay attention to cheaper analogues. And in vain! For example, pay attention to the interior doors of the ekoshpon - these doors are beautiful, inexpensive, marked by an abundance of textures and colors.



Eco Scrapbook: Production Secrets

The point of reference for the production of such interior doors is the manufacture of the material itself eco-pockets. It all starts with dyeing and gluing wood fibers. The next process is pressing, which takes place in the corresponding workshops with 2 belt presses. During the working period, there is strictly monitored temperature fluctuations, as well as cleanliness, because the slightest speck that got into the press can cause an irreparable marriage.



Advantages and disadvantages

Before you go to the store, you should carefully consider all the pros and cons of these interior doors. Among their undeniable advantages are the following characteristics:

  • Environmental friendliness. Someone will argue: what kind of environmental friendliness can we talk about if eco-vents are made by gluing fibers, that is, using synthetic binder? It really is. However, the substance used for bonding is polypropylene, which has long been recognized as safe (it is used both in the food industry and in the pharmaceutical industry).
  • A high level of imitation of the surface of tree species (oak, walnut, pine and any others). Only an experienced person will be able to distinguish an eco-sheet from a natural veneer. And then only after touching. Visually, this is almost impossible to do. That is why they are often called the 3d doors of the eco-tile, because they fully reflect the texture of natural wood.
  • There is no specific chemical smell.
  • Doors with ekoshpona are moisture resistant, so they can be installed even in the bathroom.
  • During operation, they are resistant to the possibility of scratches or other light damage to the surface. This feature should pay attention to those who have small children or pets.
  • Well, the most pleasant characteristic is the price. Besides the fact that the doors of the ekoshpon differ by many positive qualities, they are also considered a budget option.



Sir design

We should also mention tsargovye doors, because the peculiarities of their design minimize some drawbacks of doors from ekoshpon. Their frame is mainly made of pine (for the manufacture of more expensive models used larch) and it consists of 3 or more transverse slats. This design provides increased rigidity and strength of the finished door leaf, as well as weight it. Dorsal doors have a peculiar assembly principle, which provides an easy replacement of any damaged link.

Color trends

Doors of eco-bow in the interior can help to make the right accent, but they may be out of place. It all depends on how diligently the owners approach the choice of their color and model. First about how to combine colors.

The door of ekoshpon a bleached oak color will suit fans of discreet style. It would be appropriate to use them with contrasting elements (for example, dark walls or furniture), and with pastels. Bright doors will look especially wonderful if you stick to the Provence style in the interior, which is saturated with light shades, natural textures and aged furniture.



The color of bleached oak consists of many shades: snow white, silver, pearl, ashen, milky, etc., therefore, it cannot be said that these are just white doors.

Doors made of ekoshpon walnut color suitable for various interior solutions. Walnut has an abundance of shades from deep-dark to almost sunny. Perhaps, therefore, the color of the walnut is indispensable both for an elegant classical style in the interior, and for a restrained eclectic one.

Cappuccino ekoshpon doors are combined with almost any other colors in the interior. Perhaps, only very bright shades will look inappropriate. Yet others only emphasize the visual appeal of this door. It became especially fashionable to combine the color of cappuccino with black. This interior solution is very popular in institutions that adhere to the glamorous style.

The gray doors of the eco-range will delight the eyes of both high-tech fans and those who have chosen the tenderness of Provence. Gray color is suitable for those who love peace, harmony and confidence.

Wenge color is appropriate for creating contrasting compositions. It is also the best option for those who wish to create a slightly darkened mysterious atmosphere in the room.

It is important for the interior and how the interior doors will open. There are three ways to open:

  • swing doors - they can open into the room or outside, there are double doors, single doors and one and a half doors;
  • folding doors - open according to the principle similar to blinds, despite the fact that they are convenient in terms of space saving, are characterized by fragility and very poor sound insulation;
  • Sliding doors (also called "coupe") - an indispensable option for small rooms.

The way of opening is important for the door not only as a visual indicator, but also as a specific practical feature.



Glass and doors

Choosing models of interior doors, some consumers do not want to consider those options where the door leafs are deaf. And for good reason - the doors of an ekoshpon with glass are really amazing.

The glazed door will decorate any room, make it more light, stylish and fresh. The glass can be chosen matte or clear, white or bronze, clear or with a pattern - it all depends on the wishes of the consumer.



However, it would be unwise to put glass doors, for example, in a children's room, although manufacturers are reassured that when struck, the glass surface breaks into pieces with blunt edges.

As you can see, the doors of the ekoshpona have their advantages and disadvantages. Everyone will decide whether he needs such interior doors. However, do not forget that in their price range they are unique and the best of the best.