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Doors for the sauna: design feature (20 photos)

Sauna or bath is a favorite vacation spot for many of our compatriots. It is difficult to imagine a cottage or cottage without a small but comfortable bath. Compact infrared saunas are installed even in urban apartments. When choosing materials for construction or repair, it is necessary to consider that they will be operated at high temperature and humidity. Not surprisingly, the traditional interior doors are not used in the construction of the sauna. An exception may be models from solid wood, but they also do not always meet the requirements of steam fans. For this reason, special doors for baths and saunas, made of materials resistant to temperature and high humidity, are used.

Main types of doors for a sauna

Depending on their design features, doors for baths and saunas are divided into three groups:

  • deaf;
  • glazed;
  • glass

Deaf wooden doors for baths are made from softwood and hardwood. In our country, they try to use linden or alder for this, since they do not emit resin, which not only damages the appearance of the product, but can also cause a burn. Scandinavian manufacturers of doors for saunas widely use conifers, but they preliminarily heat them them. As a result, wood does not emit tar and acquires an original shade.

The design of deaf doors for saunas differs from interior models for the house or apartment. The basis is the frame, sheathed on both sides of eurolining hardwood. In this case, a different pattern can be formed: diagonal, vertical, horizontal or combined. The exterior does not end there: the canvas is decorated with carvings or other decorative elements. The inner space of the door is filled with insulating material. This helps to prevent heat loss from the steam room, to make the temperature in the waiting room or rest room more comfortable.

Glazed doors for saunas and baths have the same design as deaf models, but part of the canvas is replaced with glass. This may be a small fragment in the upper part of the door or a narrow glass on the entire height of the canvas. Special tempered glass is used, which can be transparent or matte. It gives the model a sophisticated appearance, is practical. A special group of products consists of glass doors for saunas and baths, made entirely of this material, with the exception of the box, which can be aluminum or wooden.

The advantages and variety of glass doors

The design of the glass door for the bath is simple and effective: as a cloth used tempered glass with a thickness of at least 8 mm. It is characterized by durability, durability, ability to withstand high temperatures. Among other important benefits of this product:

  • the cloth does not lead from high humidity and temperature drops;
  • easy care;
  • visually increase the area of ​​the steam room;
  • a wide range of models for saunas and baths, created in any style;
  • hygiene.

By production transparent or opaque glass is used, the photo printing on a door cloth is used.

Practical frosted sauna doors can be white or bronze. The advantage of this product is the creation of a private atmosphere in a steam room, which is necessary if there are young children in the house or friends and relatives come to the bath regularly. Behind the frosted glass you can see only the silhouette of a person, which indicates the presence of people in the room.

Transparent doors are made of glass, which can have any shade. Produce models with a smooth and grooved surface, with a pattern or a complex pattern. Doors with photo printing are very popular, thanks to which a unique design of the product is created. The drawing can be made in the style of traditional or modern art. The canvas can be decorated with a pattern characteristic of Turkish architecture or Khokhloma, Arabic script or an abstract image. It can be color photo printing with landscapes or stylized images.

The glass door box is made from aluminum or hardwood. A seal is installed along the perimeter that does not release heat from the steam room. Included are awnings and door handles, it allows you to assemble and install the door without special skills. Glass doors have one major drawback - high thermal conductivity. The area of ​​the canvas is about 2 square meters, significant heat loss occurs through it. This should be considered when choosing a sauna or sauna stove.

How to choose a door for the sauna?

Manufacturers produce models of different sizes, the doors to the bath traditionally set small, as this minimizes the loss of heat and steam in the process of making procedures. In the event that the bath is small and the steam room is adjacent to the rest room, you should give preference to deaf or glazed wooden doors. They will provide a high level of thermal insulation, which will create comfortable conditions for rest between visits to the steam room.

In the event that the sauna has a separate dressing room with good thermal insulation, or the rooms have a large area, you can purchase a glass door. Heat penetrating through it will not be able to significantly increase the temperature in the rest room.

Great importance is now paid to the interior of the bath: it uses expensive materials for decoration, install thematic decorative elements. The appearance of the door can have a significant impact on the design of the room. If you choose the door to the bath, created in the traditional Russian style, it is better to give preference to models from the array. Eurolaid sheathed canvas ideally fits into the interior of the room from a bar or a log. Doors from glass with a photo printing - the fine decision for the sauna created in modern style.

The door of the bath has an important practical function and has a significant impact on the interior of the steam room and the dressing room. Wooden and glass models differ in practicality and variety of design. This allows you to choose the door for the sauna, made in the Scandinavian and Turkish style. Particular attention when choosing a door must be paid to the quality of performance, since the blade and box will be operated in extreme conditions. Quality products have a higher cost, but they are justified by a significant increase in service life and the lack of the need for regular repairs. The installation of such a door will provide a high level of physical and aesthetic comfort in the bath!