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Forged hallways: metal plasticity (23 photos)


Forged metal furniture is always a unique artwork, because they are not stamped, but created by the hands of the master. Yes, they are made on the basis of the developed ready-made models, but they cannot be absolutely identical.



Forged products will decorate any interior, they look good in the open air, in the garden, at the dacha. At the same time, they are distinguished by their strength, durability, they are not afraid of even fires and, in principle, they can serve more than one generation.

Forged furniture, openwork, forged from solid metal bar, does not clutter the room, but on the contrary, creates a feeling of spaciousness, “moves apart” the walls.

Material advantages

The entrance hall is the place where guests are greeted. It is important that it produces a positive impression and testifies to the taste of the owner. Forged furniture in the hallway will transform it, create an atmosphere of sophistication and luxury.

The design, made by hand from a ductile steel alloy, consists of complex shaped parts, creating an openwork pattern. It gives the impression of lightness, transparency and at the same time strength.


Comfortable and compact wrought iron console for the hall, small side tables, tightly fitted to the wall or free-standing. The table top is made of glass (transparent or tinted) or wood. The metal console is able to withstand a lot of weight, while the legs do not bend. The tables can also be angular, have additional shelves for magazines.




Particularly beautiful and elegant can be a wrought-iron mirror in the hallway, the frame of which most often represents a sample of artistic hand-forged. In addition to its utilitarian purpose, the mirror canvas will visually expand the room, lighten it. That is why it is necessary in the hallway. If you want the impression of respectability, order a mirror in a frame treated with old gold. The mirror can be a detail of an elegant set that connects it with a hanger and a forged galoshnitse.




Forged hangers in the hallway can be floor and wall. The floor stands are notable for their great stability, no matter what kind of silhouette they have: in the style of modern or intricate baroque. The model "tree", for example, really resembles a tree, on the "branches" of which you can hang clothes and hats.

The most capacious ones - on two T-shaped racks in the form of a hanger, organize convenient placement of outer clothing. Walls will save space, create an original decoration on the wall and in addition, they are perfectly combined with shelves for shoes. Continued hangers can serve as metal hooks, also made by forging.




Forged shoebox in the hall - the most common device thanks to the blacksmith masters will become a prominent part of the interior.

Open shelves for shoes, artistically designed, look elegant. They are able to withstand a lot of weight. Often combined with the seat - a pillow, covered with leather, thereby replacing the bench or bench, if the hallway has a small capacity.




Bench or bench

Forged banquettes in the hall, if space permits, will create comfort and coziness. You can choose a particular model and upholstery to your liking: artificial leather or decorative textiles. The choice is almost limitless: you can find a match for any color solution of the hallway interior. There are options for the stool with a reclining seat, with a hollow useful space inside. Forged ottoman in the hallway is also necessary - on a low, soft seat, it is convenient to change shoes, to fasten the zipper on the shoes. Such ottomans have all the advantages of wrought-iron furniture, they are beautiful, durable and never break under you.



Other accessories

Forged shelves in the hallway are more like decoration. Shelves with brackets in the form of complex curls can look very elegant. Completed with metal coat hooks, they are a variant of a forged hanger, the top of which is used to store hats and caps.



Artistic forging craftsmen also offer separate forged stands for storing umbrellas and small objects, keys, shoe horn, etc. It is not necessary to hang the umbrellas on a hanger if the area allows, why not keep them in a separate device.



Forged furniture in the hallway will take that shade that best fits with your interior: black, blackened silver or antique bronze. If you choose the popular Provencal style, metallic lace will be painted white.