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Round sofa - a functional model for the bedroom, kitchen and living room (22 photos)


A round sofa breaks all stereotypes about a classic interior and can change the appearance of a living room or bedroom beyond recognition. The non-standard form of the sofa dictates certain rules when choosing it. Unusual furniture can make the room exclusive, but it also makes the interior tasteless if the layout and design have not been thought out in advance.

Selection features

To choose the round model of the sofa, you must first determine its dimensions. Round sofas for living room and bedrooms are large and compact. The latter in the folded state can hold no more than two people, and in the unfolded they have a berth with a diameter of 2 m. The berth of large models usually varies between 2.0 m and 2.5 m.



Experts say that a large sofa will require a room of at least 25 m², for a small sofa the room should be at least 20 m². If you put a round sofa in a small room, the room will look cluttered. For the same reason, the rest of the furniture should be carefully selected for round models. Furniture should be a bit, and it should look easy, unless the goal is to decorate a room in the Baroque or Art Deco style.

Both large and round small sofas are available with a transforming sleeping place. Round models differ in their design and are:

  • modular;
  • monolithic;
  • transformers.

Modular sofas are more functional, consist of sliding blocks. Mobile units during the daytime are placed indoors as additional seats and a coffee table. Such models do not have an even sleeping place and are uncomfortable for constant night use. Modular sofas will be the best choice for small living rooms, when the bed is used in a one-time format for staying overnight guests.

Monolithic round sofa has a stationary main part, so it looks more respectable, but occupies a large area. This model does not put in a standard bedroom or small living room. But the bed has a flat surface compared with modular sofas and models-transformers.



The round transforming sofa will ideally fit into a spacious bedroom. The berth is not as comfortable as that of monolithic models, but more successfully than modular, composite sofas. Between themselves, transformers differ in the design of the mechanism, which can be:

  • withdrawable;
  • folding;
  • halfway.

Round sofa bed with roll-out mechanism - the most popular version of the transformer. The base of the sofa rolls out from under the stationary part of the seat. Turning into bed occurs quickly and without physical effort. A model with this design is suitable for children's and adult bedrooms, living rooms.



Round sofa bed with a half mechanism refers to the modular models. Mobile halves of the sofa are joined together, forming a sleeping place. Half-length transformers are rarely used for sleeping, only for guests, and living rooms are equipped with them.



Filler and upholstery

The quality of sleep is influenced not only by the method of transformation of the round folding sofa, you should pay attention to the soft part of the selected model. Seats of any sofas are made either on the spring block, or with foam material (polyurethane foam). True, unscrupulous manufacturers sometimes use furniture production waste as a filler, but since a round sofa belongs to the premium class and is not cheap in principle, we will not consider such an option.



For upholstery manufacturers of round sofas use leather or furniture textiles:

  • Upholstery tapestry.
  • Jacquard material.
  • Flock - type of furniture velor.

A round leather sofa is expensive, but amazes with its respectability at first sight. A bit cheaper is a round sofa-bed upholstered in artificial leather and a newer material - eco-leather. Artificial leather for durability is not inferior to its natural counterpart. Ecoskin is more tender to the touch, but less resistant to deformations. If animals live in the house, it is better not to choose eco-leather. A practical option in this case will be a model with tapestry or jacquard upholstery. In addition, textiles belong to the breathable materials, and if you plan to use the sofa as a bed, it is better to choose it.



Round sofa in the interior

The round sofa bed has disadvantages:

  • occupies a lot of usable space;
  • it is difficult to find ready-made furniture in the store;
  • non-standard form means making bedding and accessories to order.

Despite the disadvantages, round sofas are becoming increasingly popular, and designers offer the consumer more and more new and original models. In modern apartments and private buildings, round sofas have found application in children's and guest bedrooms, living rooms, halls, in dining rooms and even in kitchens.

A round sofa has an advantage over traditional linear sofas. You can put it in any part of the room, shifting the recreation area on their own. The round model looks great in the center or set at an angle. Since the round sofa is not placed close to the walls, the space behind it is decorated with elegant floor lamps and floor vases. Additional design should not distract from the main part of the interior - a round sofa, so all the accessories and the rest of the furniture should be soft colors and concise lines.



Owners of country cottages can show imagination and decorate with arc-shaped sofas, bay windows and multifaceted facades. In buildings with a rounded facade, the installation of an arc-shaped sofa will save space and allow gathering a huge number of guests in one place. The corner sofa of the round shape is especially popular for kitchens and canteens having a non-standard facade or a bay window indoors. In these cases, the round sofa does not carry the function of the bed, but the built-in furniture for the bay window is only made to order.



A round sofa in the kitchen of a modern apartment should have more compact dimensions. Designers offer models with traditional rectilinear backs at an angle, leaving only the soft part of the seat round. This sofa at the same time saves space and gives the room an original look. It is convenient to set the corner and modular sofas with a swivel mechanism. Such models are transformed into the desired shape, depending on the circumstances. In the kitchen, materials wear out and get dirty faster, so for a kitchen it is more practical to use natural or artificial leather as an upholstery material.

Radial soft corners, namely the so-called furniture makers, sofas, rounded and arcuate in shape, make it possible to create non-standard interiors and show individuality in the design of their own homes.