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Bed-curbstone: features, types (20 photos)


More recently, functional furniture has appeared on the furniture market, which was created specifically for furnishing small apartments - this is a bed-nightstand. The models can be used not only in residential premises, but also in hotels, kindergartens and other institutions. They are a cross between a full bed and a cot. Transforming furniture has gained immense popularity in our country, since it not only saves space, but is also capable of performing several important functions.



Product Features

Folding bed-curbstone transformer can unite several types of furniture at once:

  • Nightstand. When folded, the model looks like an ordinary bedside table, on the surface of which you can place various things: books, lamps, indoor plants. The parameters of the furniture are small - only 97x44 cm. It takes up little space, so it easily fits into the free corner of the room.
  • Table. Such structures are equipped with special sliding supports that support the table top. On average, its area has parameters of 97x97 cm. This is enough space for lunch. If the furniture is located in the nursery, the child will be able to paint on the tabletop or prepare lessons.
  • Bed. The inner part of the cabinet is represented by a bed with a mattress and a solid frame. On average, the parameters of a berth are 190x80 cm. This is quite enough for an adult to rest.

In most cases the bed-dresser is used as an additional option in case of arrival of guests. Small size, high functionality, a convenient roll-out design allows you to use the furniture in the smallest apartments, where every square meter counts.

The frame of the single bed is made of metal and is always coated with an anti-corrosion compound. This will protect the furniture from rust. For ease of use, many manufacturers complement products with special rollers, which are put on caps made of rubber. As a result, any manipulations with the bed will not damage the flooring.



Varieties of products

Before buying it is worth carefully studying the design of models. Today, commercially available beds with a base made of textiles, slats and mesh. Consider the main features of each type:

  • The cloth. Even the densest matter sags over time and becomes like a hammock. The textile base is attached to the frame with metal brackets or springs. The use of such furniture is only suitable for emergency cases, but it should not be too frequent. The areas on which the fabric is in contact with metal elements, quickly wiped. The main advantages of such products are affordable cost and low weight. The maximum load for this model is 120 kg.
  • Grid. Galvanized mesh coating is indispensable where the bed is used quite often by people with different build. Most often they are used in child care facilities, cabins, mobile hospitals. The material is quickly cleaned and can be operated much longer than the previous version. The maximum load is 150 kg.
  • Lamels. Folding bed-curbstone with overlapping of wood is most often purchased for home use. The panels create an orthopedic effect, and therefore are in high demand. Sleeping on a bed with a mattress will be healthy and complete. Lamellae are made from natural environmentally safe wood: birch, beech or oak. Furniture requires a uniform load distribution, the maximum weight is 250 kg.

When choosing a suitable design, it is necessary to consider its features and purpose. The most practical acquisition for the house will be the last option.

At arrangement of apartments small on the area of ​​a curbstone, dressers will become excellent replacement of folding sofas and chairs. If there is not enough space to install a bed, transformation mechanisms will be useful. The main advantages of furniture include:

  • Functionality. In the daytime, the product can play the role of a table, and at night turn into a bed.
  • Compact size. Tumba takes up very little free space.
  • Easy operation. It does not require much effort for assembly and disassembly. Roll-out mechanism is particularly convenient to use.
  • A variety of model range. Furniture is different materials from which the base is made. Products are sold with and without a mattress.
  • Affordable price. Cost depends on a complete set and materials.

Single beds have some disadvantages. To use the transformation mechanism requires free space. Models are not suitable for permanent use as a bed.



Use in the interior

Furniture has a variety of designs. A product consisting of 3 multi-level roll-out surfaces will be convenient. No less popular is the bunk bed-dresser, which is most often purchased for the children's room. Assembled products are similar to ordinary bedside tables with wheels. In the operation of the furniture does not cause any particular difficulties, therefore, adults and children cope with it.

The transforming bed with a curbstone consists of a written or dining table and a bed. Often the facades of these models are made with drawers and lockers for storage.



Compact cabinets beds are often purchased for children. The furniture is small and designed for light weight. Bunk construction is useful if the family has two children. When traveling or in the country, the product allows the baby to enjoy a quality vacation. Beds for children are equipped with a reliable metal frame, so they can not only sleep, but also play. Many products for the nursery are equipped with additional fabric pockets. In them, the child will be able to store favorite toys or books.



Some children's single beds are equipped with a folding table suitable for various occupations: writing, drawing, reading. Transformers allow you to make room for entertainment and games. When buying, you need to pay attention to the safety and durability of the structure. Furniture has a wide color palette, so you can always buy a model that mimics natural wood, or bright colorful products suitable for children.



Vykatny beds-curbstones will be useful not only at arrangement of the house, but also at the dacha. In addition, they are actively used in sanatoriums, kindergartens, hotels. Furniture has a low price and at the same time performs many useful functions. Double and single beds can turn into a cabinet or table, saving money and free space in the room.