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How to choose a door: entrance and interior, materials, nuances, important criteria


Thinking about which door to choose, any person first of all answers to himself - a good one. But this is too vague answer. What material should it be made of? What should be its design features? Does it matter what color it will be? And what else to pay attention to? Understand all this and figure out how to choose the door, you need to consistently.

A good door can serve faithfully for several decades, but only if it is suitable for a particular apartment, fit into its place and meet all the requirements. To make this possible, you need to consider:

  1. The location of the door. Entrance and interior doors must have different characteristics and look different. There are several options:
    • the front door requires greater reliability, noise insulation and heat insulation - if it is not thick enough, it will be constantly cold in the hallway and noisy in the house itself (while the door to a private house needs to be warmed more than the door to the apartment);
    • the interior door can be thin and practically does not affect the noise level, but should take up little space and fit well into the interior - ideal if it is also sufficiently resistant to mechanical damage;
    • the balcony door should be well shielded by cold and draft, and also have a special glass insert to allow more light in - and choosing a balcony door is no easier than the entrance door;
    • The door to the bathroom is not much different from the interior one, but it must be made of a material that is resistant to the permanent effects of high humidity.
  2. Material. Depending on the material from which the door is made, its main characteristics differ. In this case, in the case of an entrance door, it is important to also take into account the material of the insulation - it may not be at all, but the noise and thermal insulation characteristics depend on it.
  3. Weight. Too light entrance door is unreliable - too heavy an interroom door can damage the joint and become a problem for children and pets.
  4. Design. The door should fit into the overall situation and harmoniously complement it.
  5. Design features. Especially true in the case of interior doors - depends on their device, how convenient it will be to use them in everyday life.



In addition, when choosing the front door, you must also pay attention to:

  • the level of protection, which includes the thickness of the door, frame design, lock design and the presence of the peephole;
  • fire characteristics on which it depends whether the door will ignite;
  • protection from vandals, which is especially relevant if the entrance is deprived of a concierge or intercom.

To pick a quality door is not a trivial task. You need to approach it with care.



Design features

Asking how to choose interior doors for quality, you need to pay special attention to how they are made. There are several types of designs:

  • Swing doors. The most common option - most people, putting a new door, they will choose it. The door is hinged and opens in one direction - most often it is single-door in an apartment, except that double doors can be installed in large houses. The disadvantage is to open such a door, you need an empty space, which may not be in a small room.
  • Sliding doors (they are also compartment doors). Their design is simple - the compartment door does not open in or out, and along the two vertical guides it shifts to the side. The perfect solution for the interior in the Japanese style - the compartment door fits perfectly into it. It can also be a solution for a small apartment, where any place is valuable and there is simply no access to the swing doors.
  • Folding doors. Harder than the coupe doors due to the large number of hinges. They look like an "accordion" that folds into one or the other side of the doorway. Their main advantage is decoration. They look much more original than the coupe and fit perfectly into the designer interior. The disadvantage is that with time the hinges become unusable. With active use it can happen pretty quickly.
  • Swinging doors. The original solution - the door resembles a "turntable" installed in the doorway. Does not open, but turns. Unfortunately, it easily fails - thinking about which is better to choose, you should stop paying attention to other structures. "Pinwheels" are relevant, as a rule, in public places, where many people pass every hour.



In the case of entrance doors, everything is different; choosing a steel door is worth looking at:

  • Canvas. The door itself is called the canvas - and it should be good. It should not be welded seams, it should be secured exactly and should be thick enough so that it can not be drilled. In this case, the door-safe in most apartments will be inappropriate and only attract too much attention.
  • Hinges They should be enough to withstand the weight of the door, and at the same time they should be internal as far as possible - this will not leave them cut off by removing the door and setting it aside.
  • Insulation. It must be dense enough to provide both thermal insulation and sound insulation. In addition, the door should fit snugly to the frame so that no drafts form.
  • Castle. Best of all, if there are more than one of them and if they are not too simple and not too complicated, it can jam at the most inappropriate moment. The best, albeit expensive, option is to make a lock to order. It is also good to put a deadbolt or chain - even on a heavy door-safe.
  • Knowing how to choose a metal door, based on its design features, you can go to the store, but before that you should also take into account general advice.



Nuances and trivia

When choosing a door, you should also take into account some nuances that will allow you to enjoy the chosen thing, and not blame yourself for the wrong choice.


The door must fit the rest of the interior. The noble tree looks good in a classic style, sliding doors in the Japanese style, huge entrance doors, high-tech safes - and so on.

With the help of a mirror on the door, you can expand the room, using the correct coloring to turn it into a kind of picture. The main thing is to estimate before going to the store which door will look best in the room.



The size

When ordering a door, you need to measure the main indicators of the doorway (they are standard in apartment buildings, but it is always better to be safe) and go to the master with them. It is important that the door is not more or less, not perekashivalas, not stuck.


It is not so important what company the door will be - it is important that she has a passport and a warranty card. If during manufacture and transportation the basic technological provisions were violated, you need to have documents with which you can complain about the marriage. There are many companies producing doors. Before buying it will also be useful to read reviews about them on the Internet.



Choose a door patiently, so that it fits to a particular house. The door-safe will be useless in a small Khrushchev, a hinged door in a tiny room will only interfere. Decorative elements, material, construction, design - all this is important in order to create the perfect interior, living in which will be quite comfortable.