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Choosing a wallpaper for a teenager's room: what to look for (24 photos)

In the upbringing of the child can not be small things. Everything is important: what books he reads, with whom he communicates, what he enjoys and, of course, what room he lives in. If the repair in the nursery is made in accordance with his interests, then he will be comfortable in it and, at least, the color of the walls will not annoy him. When you choose a wallpaper for a teenager's room, try to find a compromise: to hear his opinion and not to overlook the advice of experts.

What you need to know about the design of the bedroom of a teenager?

Wallpaper in the nursery for boys and girls should preferably be:

  • natural;
  • washable;
  • not too expensive.

Of course, the point is not to save money on children, but you need to understand, your child’s preferences can change in a couple of months after the repair is completed, so the wallpaper for a teenager should be from the average price category. Be prepared that you will have to remove these beautiful wallpapers before they fade.

In the room for a child under the age of 14 it is better to glue the wallpaper, from which watercolor paint, plasticine, and handprints can be easily washed. If you have a boy, it is better not to buy white wallpaper - they quickly get dirty.

The main thing is that the wallpaper "breathed" and did not emit harmful substances, because the child in the room spends a lot of time, and none of the parents will want him to inhale harmful fumes or smell the mold.

Today in the shops are different types of wallpaper. The safest of them are paper, but they quickly fade and become useless. More durable - wallpaper on non-woven base. They also contain natural fibers, which makes them harmless. Also in the nursery, one of the walls is often stuck with photo wallpapers, which are not afraid of moisture and do not lose color over time.

A child can choose absolutely any drawing. Wall mural is often made to order, so if in the catalog you did not find a wallpaper with a particular hero or image, it can always be made additionally.

Suggest choosing a wallpaper for the nursery to your child yourself. Let them be too bright, let the characters of computer games be painted on them, or combinations of colors will seem to you not acceptable. Try not to criticize your son or daughter, but give him the opportunity to make an adult decision for the first time in his life.

Color recommendations

Regardless of the floor, the wallpaper in the bedroom of a teenager should not be too bright. The color of the walls should act on him soothingly and not cause aggression. If a teenager still categorically requires bright wallpaper for the walls, you can try to agree. For example, converge on the fact that only one wall will be glued with such wallpaper, or you can try the combined wallpaper - the bottom of the walls is bright and the top is of a calm tint.

When we combine several colors in the interior, we can zone even the smallest room. For example, a wall where a bed is standing should be stuck with wallpaper of deep blue or green colors - this color scheme will calm the child and help to quickly fall asleep. For the area where there is a table or a sports area, you can choose the color of the wallpaper more vivid:

  • yellow;
  • Orange;
  • herbal;
  • blue;
  • red.

Before you buy these or other wallpaper in the room a teenager, ask how the colors affect the child's psyche. The same red causes aggression. And if your boy likes to play fighting with the enemy in computer games, then you should not paint the walls in his room red.

In the interior of the nursery it is very important to find a balance between bright and calm tones. If the color of the wallpaper for the room of a teenager is very bright, then the furniture should be pastel shades or gray, beige, creamy. You also need to be very careful in choosing the design of wallpaper: they should not be too variegated. In the interior, including the children's room, it is allowed to decorate only one wall with non-uniform wallpaper.

With a choice of dark wallpaper in the room for a teenager, you also need to be careful. A large number of black, gray, brown colors will "put pressure" on the child and provoke the appearance of an inexplicable sadness and longing. If your child is often depressed for no reason, pay attention to what wallpaper is in his room. If the interior is gloomy, then you need to urgently redo it.

In a small children's room, it is generally contraindicated to glue dark wallpaper. And without that small space will be even less: the ceiling will fall and the walls will move. Light wallpaper, on the contrary, will visually make the room more spacious. So, for a boy of 16 years old, you can choose a calm light color scheme: gray-blue or gray-yellow.

Wallpaper design

As mentioned above, in choosing wallpaper with pictures you need to know the measure. For decorating a teenager's room, the wallpapers can be as follows:

  • monophonic;
  • striped;
  • with geometric pattern.

If you are not ready in the room for a teenager to do repairs often, it is recommended to stop at the monochrome wallpaper of neutral shades. They won't bother him so quickly, like wallpaper with pictures. If you want to decorate the interior, you can stick on them images of your favorite heroes of cartoons and films or athletes. In the room the girls on the wall will look good stickers of butterflies and flowers, decorated with sparkles. Walls of white color are ideal for such decoration. Neutral wallpapers are well combined in the interior with a bright carpet.

Modern designers often make their choice in favor of striped wallpaper. They look very elegant and stylish. For example, wallpaper for a teenager boy can be in three strips: black, white and gray. In a room for heterosexual children suitable wallpaper neutral shades: olive-yellow, green-blue, beige and white. And if you are not ready to stick the room for teenagers with monochromatic bright wallpaper, find striped ones with one of the strips of that color. Then the interior will not be so aggressive, and the children will be satisfied that the parents listened to their opinion and fulfilled the request.

If you want to make the interior unusual and do not know which wallpaper to choose, you can opt for geometric patterns and prints. Wallpaper with geometric shapes are ideal for a boy. He will surely like bright rhombuses, squares and rectangles on a neutral background.

Choosing a wallpaper for a teenager girl, you can choose a floral print. These can be small roses, cornflowers and chamomiles, on an olive or blue background. Flowers always look advantageous in the design of the bedroom interior. And even after a year or two, these wallpapers will not lose their relevance, because girls love flowers at any age.

Wallpaper in the room for the girl

Some mistakenly believe that the room for a teenager girl should be framed in pink. In fact, a large amount of this color over time begins to annoy. If you have already made for a newborn room in bright pink colors, be prepared for the fact that in the room for the girl you will have to change the color scheme.

In the design of the room is recommended to use light shades. It can be olive, beige, creamy, sandy, blue. Pink can also be present in the interior, but in small quantities.

The choice of color and design of the wallpaper depends on the temperament of your daughter. If she is a dreamy and romantic person, one of the walls or some part of it can be plastered with pink wallpaper. They will be well combined with the sky-blue wallpaper.

If your child is active and active, then the color of the wallpaper may be more vivid. In this interior there is a place for orange and yellow colors. If a girl loves creativity: draws, embroiders or composes poetry - wallpaper can be fully or partially golden. This color contributes to the disclosure of creative potential and inspires.

The main thing is not to forget the simple rule: the older your child, the less bright should be the wallpaper. If she is 15-16 years old, then you should not make the walls bright yellow, orange or green.

For the decoration of the room girls can use wallpaper with a geometric print.

The strip will fit into any interior, but with large patterns everything is not so simple. They will look only in spacious children’s rooms, and it’s better to immediately give up on the idea of ​​glueing a small nursery with wallpaper with large butterflies or flowers.

Wallpaper in the room for a boy

Boys are usually more active, so the color of the wallpaper should calm them a little. For the design of a child boy it is better to use shades of blue, gray and green, but in order for the interior of the room not to be dull and dull, bright accents must be made. For the boy's room, orange, burgundy, yellow, grassy will do.

To create a brutal interior, it is worth playing with textures. So, plain wallpaper can be combined with wallpaper under the brick, metal, gray stone. In the room for the boy it is necessary to make a wall of neutral color. On her child can stick posters of your favorite sports team, images of modern racing cars. In the boy's room, wall-paper depicting a city or graffiti, also with abstraction, will look good.

Bedroom for children of different sexes

A difficult task facing parents, whose son and daughter live in the same room. They need to create an interior in which children will be equally comfortable. It is better to immediately abandon the idea of ​​demarcating the space with the help of wallpapers of different colors.

To prevent children from arguing, ask them to choose a neutral wallpaper color: beige, olive, sand. But already furniture, textiles and accessories can be selected for each individually. For example, the girl on the bed put a bedspread and pillows in pink and purple, and the boy blue and green.

Wallpaper with large drawings is better not to make room for children of different sexes. Ornament, which like a teenager boy, will soon begin to annoy the girl and vice versa. In the room, each of the children should be comfortable doing homework, playing, practicing and sleeping.

Choosing the right wallpaper for the nursery is as important as buying a child a good desk, a modern computer or a bed with orthopedic mattresses, but if the parents have to have the last word in the purchase of furniture and equipment, then the child can decide what kind of wallpaper myself. Do not be afraid to experiment with the design of the nursery. The child will grow, his interests and preferences will change, and in a couple of years he will want a completely different interior in the nursery.