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How to apply a liquid wallpaper on the ceiling: professional advice


Increasingly, people choose liquid wallpaper for interior decoration. This finishing material is deservedly becoming popular. In fact, this is a peculiar kind of plaster, but it consists not only of sand, lime and cement, but of cellulose fibers or silk. Universal composition suitable for walls and ceilings. It is sold in the form of a dry mixture, which must be diluted with water before use.

Especially liquid wallpaper like those who shudder recalls how long during the repair had to measure the necessary pieces of roll wallpaper, and then even longer to choose patterns and fight with bubbles. It was also unpleasant to keep track of the joints, and as luck would have it, they were constantly sticking to the seams, but now, thanks to modern technology, you can forget about all this suffering. Believe me, repairs can be done quickly and efficiently.

Before you buy this decorative coating you will not hurt to get acquainted with its main advantages:

  • Convenience cooking. To prepare a liquid wallpaper for use does not need much time and space. Regular wallpapers need to measure, cut, spread with glue, and this wall covering is enough to fill with water and wait a bit.
  • Ease of use. Apply liquid wallpaper on the ceiling in the same way as plaster. The finished composition resembles a cotton mixture. It is much easier to spread it over the ceiling with a spatula than to glue rolled wallpaper.
  • Some wonder: can I apply liquid wallpaper on an uneven ceiling? The answer is yes. This finishing material is strong enough to conceal minor defects in the ceiling surface. If there are no large cracks, then without a putty layer you can make a smooth ceiling.
  • Seamless. Liquid wallpaper on the ceiling form a completely flat surface, whereas after gluing the usual rolled joints are visible.
  • Finishing the ceiling with liquid wallpaper can be carried out over the old coating (if it was oil or water-based paint). Other types of decor ceilings will have to be removed.
    Making such wallpaper - a reasonable solution for rooms of unusual shape, with a variety of angles, projections or other shaped irregularities. Also, this finishing option is suitable for rooms with rounded walls.
  • Liquid wallpaper on the ceiling - a good choice for a house where allergic people live. The composition of this environmentally friendly material mainly consists of natural cotton fibers. Due to antistatic components in the composition, dust almost does not settle on the ceiling surface.
  • Easy interchangeability. If you see that a damaged area appeared on the ceiling, do not be upset. This can be quickly fixed by replacing only the damaged piece. To do this, place the defect moistened with water, after which part of the liquid wallpaper is removed. A fresh mixture is applied to the vacated area.
  • Suitable for reusable use. This type of wallpaper can be moved to another room. To do this, they must be moistened and carefully removed. After that, soak in warm water and apply to a new surface. Can not be used immediately, but stored in dry form for several months.
  • The ability to combine different colors. Of course, you can limit yourself to a white coating, but if you want to experiment and create an extraordinary design, then liquid wallpaper will come in handy. The white ceiling can be made bright at any time. To do this, add color pigment during preparation or paint after drying. You can also decorate the ceiling with various patterns and patterns.

You have already learned how to attract buyers liquid wallpaper. It's time to talk about the shortcomings.

With the pluses figured out, go to the study of cons:

  • Although in recent years the price has become noticeably lower, but still when compared with ordinary paper wallpaper, the cost of liquid wallpaper is quite high. However, this coating is perfectly kept for 7-10 years.
  • Less variety of colors and textures than traditional wallpaper. This disadvantage is easy to correct if there is a desire to show imagination. As we have said, liquid wallpaper allows you to realize extraordinary design solutions.
  • Liquid wallpaper on the ceiling can not be washed. If you have soiled some area, it will have to be cut and replaced, as water and detergent will destroy the structure of such a coating. Due to the lack of moisture resistance, it is better not to use this wallpaper in the kitchen or in the bathroom. If, despite the recommendations, you have already tuned in to applying liquid wallpaper on the ceiling of these rooms, then after drying, coat them with a colorless varnish.
  • Such a ceiling covering dries quite long. Depending on the humidity and temperature of the air in the room, drying can last from two to four days. Unlike rolled wallpaper, liquid can be dried using heaters or drafts, without fear that they will fall off.

After examining the advantages and disadvantages, you can decide for yourself whether to give preference to this finishing material.

If you decide to purchase this decorative coating, you probably want to learn how to glue liquid wallpaper. To properly stick liquid wallpaper on the ceiling with your own hands, you must first carefully prepare the surface.

Surface preparation

Liquid wallpaper - a material that is able to hide a lot of visual flaws. Surface irregularities can be eliminated with proper application. However, we recommend that you first prepare a ceiling covering. This recommendation is due to the fact that there are lighting fixtures on the ceiling. The light from them will accentuate even the tiniest hollows or bumps. To avoid this, you need to align the surface well.



Do not rush to get rid of the remnants of the solution. Surplus may be useful to you to cover up defects that may appear after drying or during operation. Dry your liquid wallpaper so that it can be stored longer, put it in a plastic bag and put it away. If you need them, you can always wet the right amount to replace the damaged area. And you do not have to run to the store and select a shade that matches the color of the batch you used.

Liquid wallpaper - a modern technology that will help in the shortest possible time to update the interior of your home. If you do not have time to repair, but you want to change the situation, take a closer look at this type of finish.