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Blue sofa in the interior: combination features (28 photos)


Blue is considered one of the most refreshing and pleasing in the whole color palette. It is associated with pleasant memories of gentle sea waves or snow drifts. The blue color is cool, so it is important to choose the other shades that will balance it and combine it with warm tones.

Blue sofa in the interior looks fresh, attractive and original. In addition, the charming color visually expands the space and refreshes the room in the summer heat.



Symbols of blue color and the effect on man

Psychologists are convinced that blue personifies life, good and peace. Thoughts of a cloudless summer sky or fresh clear air appear in the human mind. Modern researchers have proven that this color has a beneficial effect on brain centers, making the process of learning and assimilating new information more effective. The atmosphere, decorated in blue, activates thought processes, helps to concentrate and access the inner “I”.



According to doctors, color has an impact on the physiology and psychology of man. It helps to relax and calm down, get rid of a headache, suppress aggression and irritability. The use of blue shades in the interior allows you to create a cozy atmosphere. In a properly decorated interior, everyone can find peace and inner harmony.



However, the design of the room must be carefully considered. With the excessive use of celestial tones, a feeling of sadness, dissatisfaction, sadness and intolerance towards others appears.



Harmonious color combinations

Watercolor-blue goes well with related shades: cornflower blue, turquoise, blue, mint. The transition of colors must be smooth. It is necessary to decide in advance what you want to achieve in the end result: to warm or cool the room. It is necessary to act depending on the purpose:

  • Visual expansion of space. To make the room bigger and lighter, reduce the number of additional colors using several shades.
  • Creating a cozy interior. Here you can act bolder, giving the freedom of their own imagination. Allowable combination of blue with warm tones: golden, brown.



The blue sofa in the house is a cure for stress and tension. Sitting on it is unlikely to want to argue, swear, or think about problems. The pale blue model cools the room, especially its use for rooms with windows facing south. The atmosphere of peace and tranquility easily acquires a joyful mood with the help of contrasting shades. Blue furniture is best combined with the following tones:

  • White. The use of any shades is acceptable: milk, champagne, pearl. The result is a luxurious combination, reminiscent of the sky with floating clouds. Blue and white sofas are often used to embody the maritime theme. Snow-white walls with azure patterns and bright accessories bring spectacular touches to the interior. Use pastel colors to dilute the palette: golden flooring, caramel textile, beige design of arches, doors or a fireplace.
  • Green. The combination of natural flowers is the embodiment of naturalness and lightness. Beautiful interior is obtained by combining bright blue with delicious green shades. Ocher successfully emphasizes natural tones, but does not over-focus attention on himself. Herbal + blue is a great combination for a pleasant communication and friendly mood.
  • Violet. The original combination that will appeal to people who are fond of magic and esoteric. When using translucent heavenly, lavender or turquoise with red-violet tones, the colors look harmonious and attractive. Neutral beige tones will help mask the defects to make the blue more pronounced.
  • Gray. The basis for creating a strict but stylish interior. Silvery shades make the upholstery of the folding sofa sparkling and bright. Contrast design attached drawings on the floor.
  • Pink. Many people consider this tandem to be somewhat infantile. However, a similar effect occurs when using acid shades. Light blue in combination with pale pink acquires romance and pleasant warmth. To bring harmony to these colors, you must use silver utensils.
  • Brown. The sofa bed, decorated in blue, looks luxurious in combination with brown shades. Experts recommend the use of natural materials: stone, textiles, wood. The tandem of heavenly and woody tones pleasantly refreshes the room in the summer heat, and in the winter it will remind you of a sea holiday.
  • Yellow. Harmonious tandem of natural shades. The yellow-blue interior brings lightness, positive and good mood to the room. It is enough to arrange several bright yellow accessories in the room, and it will immediately become more spacious and cheerful. Stylish design acquires a romantic mood, if you pick up accessories with simple prints: polka dots or a flower.

Correct experiments with a color palette will make any room expressive and attractive. Dark blue curtains and furniture are spectacularly combined with light snow-white tulle, contrasting floor lamps and paintings of seascapes. Floor vases, pillows, crystal chandeliers - all this will dilute the monochrome background, bring originality and beauty to the interior. Bright notes create a luxurious atmosphere that emphasizes the impeccable taste of the owner of the house.



The folding sofa of blue color demands an appropriate situation of the room. It is important to strictly adhere to the chosen style, and then the interior will be pleasing to the eye and not get tired with time. Optimal styles for using a blue straight or corner sofa are:

  • Classic. An elegant model with one-colored upholstery is complemented by armchairs of the same color with decor in the form of wide white stripes or colors. This direction combines severity and pomp.
  • Greek style. The main features - space, plenty of light, the use of natural wood. The sofa bed of blue color is decorated by big pillows with a dark blue ornament. The atmosphere of the Greek style disposes to easy free communication. The interior acquires a positive attitude when using wood and leather accessories.
  • High tech. The style is characterized by straight lines, the presence of a large number of elements of glass and metal. Built-in lights emphasize the simplicity and ease of design. The heavenly color of the sofa bed becomes pronounced if the walls are painted white, beige or sand. It is necessary to lay a high-pile carpet on the floor.
  • Scandinavian style. It is characterized by restraint and maximum naturalness. Only a light color palette is allowed. You can dilute the setting with the help of pale green, amber, gray elements.
  • Empire The direction embodies luxury, wealth and charm. For him, apply gold and silver shades. Blue leather sofa with a similar decor is precisely designed to create a solemn chic setting. Upholstered furniture must be massive, decorated with carvings. The legs are made in the form of lion paws, covered with gilding.
  • Country Bulky sofa bed, painted in blue with prints in the form of peas, cells or stripes will become an indispensable attribute when creating such an interior. Suitable accessories will be expensive dishes, mirrors, natural textiles. Registration makes the room comfortable and soulful.

There are many styles in which blue furniture looks harmonious. Each direction has its own characteristics and features, they can not be broken. The use of one style opens up a wide scope for experiments in creating the interior.




Use in different rooms

Heavenly shades are universal, therefore applicable to all rooms. Blue sofas organically look in the living room, hallway, bedroom and kitchen.

Living room

The folding model of light blue color perfectly refreshes the room. This interior is relevant in the warm season. In winter, it should be combined with warm shades: orange, brown. The sofa in the living room interior harmonizes well with dark beige walls, cream curtains and brown carpet.

The blue sofa in the living room allows you to create interiors that relate to a variety of styles.



Entrance hall

Heavenly colors fill a small room with light, freshness and spaciousness. Creating a welcoming atmosphere is another merit of furniture.


The sofa bed of blue color gives tranquility and peace in the evenings and invigorates in the mornings. Heavenly shades are used on walls, accessories and textiles. Blue-gray sofa will help create a stylish attractive interior.





Many people are afraid to use the blue palette in the kitchen, because it can suppress appetite. In fact, this statement is characteristic of a rich blue color. As for blue, it has no effect on the feeling of hunger. It looks interesting combination with beige shades. The room is refreshed and filled with light.

The interior, decorated in blue, will make even a small room spacious. The lightness of these shades visually separates the walls from each other and lifts the ceilings. This feature works only with sufficient lighting. The use of sky color in rooms located on the north side requires the addition of a warm color palette.