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Aubrieta - decoration of any garden (23 photos)


Today, obriet is used especially actively in landscape design. With its help, you can decorate not only a horizontal flowerbed, but also an alpine slide, an arbor, a house wall, a cascade staircase, an arch. Aubrieta feels great in small pots and bulk flowerpots. This ornamental plant is really universal, but you need to understand that it will delight the eye with lush blooms only if it is properly looked after.



Plant characteristic

Botanists still have not come to a common opinion where exactly Obriet appeared. Some believe that in Central Asia, while others insist that in South America. Despite the fact that Obriet is a southern guest, she feels great in the harsh Russian climate and is not afraid of severe frosts.

Aubriet is a small shrub, not more than 15 cm high. As soon as the snow comes down, and we are pleased with the first spring sun, the shrub is already starting to turn green. First, small, oblong leaves appear on it with a jagged edge, and then small flowers with four petals appear. Flower obriety very bright and velvety as if. Nature has come up with a rich color palette. Aubrieta is covered with beautiful flowers, which are:

  • pink
  • white;
  • blue;
  • lilac;
  • raspberry.



Summer residents very often planted obriety on their sites for several reasons. This plant:

  • is perennial;
  • It does not require special care;
  • easy to get on with other garden crops;
  • pleases with long flowering;
  • does not clog the ground.

These perennials feel great in any climate, so they decorate the southern cities and homestead land in Siberia. The variety of varieties and colors gives a huge scope for creativity.



How to grow shaved?

Growing from seed is considered to be a more convenient way of growing a plant than reproducing it using cuttings. If you want Obriet to please you with lush flowering, choose the right place for the landing. The plant loves light, so the seeds need to be planted in a sunny place - the shadow will destroy the flower.

Seeds will not sprout if they are planted in clay or acidic soil. Before planting, the pad must be cleared of weeds - tear not only their tops, but also get rid of a powerful root system. It is necessary to loosen the ground well by not less than 10 cm. The seeds of Aubrieta should be planted in a soil that will be well fertilized. As fertilizer, you can use lime, ash, chalk, sand, sawdust, humus.

In open ground, seeds are usually planted in warm weather in September or May, and in this case they sprout in the next season. Those who do not want to wait a long time, you can start growing seedlings in February.



Before planting, seeds are soaked in a weak solution of manganese - this is a good prevention from pests. Then you need to lay out the prepared ground in plastic pots. In the soil for growing seedlings from seeds at home should be the entire periodic table, so in such soils also need to add humus, limestone, chalk and other fertilizers.

Planting seeds should not be done too deep. This plant is very light-loving, and shoots may not appear without sunlight. In order for seedlings to start growing faster, the soil with planted seeds needs to be watered and tightened with a film - to create a greenhouse effect. Additional care is not needed: just water regularly, and in a week the first shoots will appear.

The cultivation of these flowers should occur in a warm room. It is necessary to maintain a temperature of at least 20 degrees, and to speed up the processes of photosynthesis, you can install fluorescent lamps here. Boxes with seedlings can be put on the windowsill - in the bright February sun they will be very comfortable here.

A month later, when the shoots rise and get stronger, you can plant them in separate containers. It is advisable to plant the plants in peat pots. When the soil at the cottage warms up well, it is already planted obriettu right in these pots.



Planting seedlings in open ground

Many people know how to grow shaven from seeds, but in order for perennial plants to quickly take root and delight the owner of the garden, they will need to plant them in the open ground properly, because they should be planted and cared for in the open field.

In general, planting and care do not require any special knowledge from you. It is necessary to grow these flowers in open space, which fall into direct sunlight. When it is warm, you need to take out the containers with the obrieta to the garden and leave them there for a couple of days. On the day of planting, pots of seedlings are placed in a large basin of water. We must wait until the bubbles stop rising to the surface. When all the air is out, the perennial is carefully released from the ground, without fear of damaging the root system.

Aubriet needs to leave a lot around a lot of space. Then it will not interfere with the growth, so the seedlings are planted in the wells, which are at least 10 cm apart. Then the plants are sprinkled with sand, ash and water.




Properly care for flowers

In the care of this plant no special difficulties. Aubriet does not require constant watering. If you live in the southern regions, then you need to water the plant as the soil dries. In the central zone of the country, it is enough to do watering once a week.

The soil must be fertilized. The first time it is fertilized before the formation of buds, and the second after the appearance of flowers. With fertilizing perennial rush should not be. After its reproduction, it is necessary to allow the first bushes to grow and root. To strengthen the root system in water it is recommended to add sodium humate.

When flowering is over, the stems are cut at the root, and the ground around it is loosened. A big plus of this perennial is that it blooms twice a year. It is enough just to plant it once and properly care. And then flowering obriyets will delight you in the spring for almost two months and again in early autumn.

In the summer, to prevent the appearance of aphids and powdery mildew infection, a perennial plant needs to be treated with nettle extract and a solution of colloidal sulfur. The use of chemical toxic fertilizers should be abandoned. They can damage the roots of these perennials, and then have to plant them again.

In winter, plant care is not required. It is enough just to cover the roots with foliage or cellophane, and remove them in early spring. If the root system perezimuet well, in the spring a long-term obriet will begin to delight you with the first juicy greens.



We decorate a personal plot

Aubrieta is actively used in landscape design. Its main advantage is a rich palette of colors and no need for special care. Designers to implement their ideas using different varieties of this plant.

Aubrieta deltoid is found most often. Her purple or purple flowers will decorate any area and become the center of a complex park composition. Aubrieta deltoid begins to bloom in May, and its flowering period lasts at least 30 days.




Also obrieta cascade is also very popular. In early summer, blue or reddish flowers with a yellow center appear on it. This variety grows in the form of a dense soft carpet. It is planted on alpine hills, stony walls and other hills. Bright flowers come down in a cascade, so that a year after planting a hedge appears. Cascades picturesquely fall to the ground, decorating the most ordinary landscape. Cascade obriety used to design arbors, wells and walls of residential buildings. It can be planted in an open area by installing an iron arch or a multi-tiered decorative structure.




If you want to improve your personal plot, make a choice in favor of obriety. This perennial plant comes in different colors and can decorate any garden, but the main thing is that you can grow obrietu from seeds at home, and in the future it will not require special care. It just needs to be watered in time, treated from parasites, insulated for the winter, and then it will surely delight you every year with bright colors.