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Home sign: creative solutions (28 photos)


The modern world is filled with the latest technologies that greatly simplify human life. One of them became navigators. They will help you to orient yourself in any place, even completely unfamiliar, but these navigation devices will be absolutely useless if there is no street name sign and house number on each building. Without them, a person cannot understand what address he needs. This can trigger a panic attack or a nervous condition, especially if a responsible meeting or event is scheduled.




Address plate will help to avoid such unpleasant situations and quickly find the street and house number you need. Such information is very useful for tourists in unfamiliar cities. This is sometimes the only information and navigation element that can be found on the street.




The purpose of the plates on the facades of houses

In addition to specifying the name of the street and house numbers on the tablets you can sometimes see other important information. For example, about the historical significance of a building or events that happened here in the past. Such tables are installed on the facade of the house. They can be metal and be sure to have anti-vandal protection.



In addition, private companies or legal entities can display up-to-date information about themselves through signs: company name, hours of operation, types of services provided and other important information.



If the address plate is installed in a country cottage or a country house, then it may be distinguished by creativity and a non-standard approach, as well as performed according to individual wishes and sketches. This will emphasize the creative nature of the host. Each person tries to make it more beautiful than the neighbors in a country house or a private house, so they make carved plates with an original design.




The functions of address labels on houses are as follows:

  • Display of current information. They must be mounted with an address on every building in any city.
  • Advertising. Most often they look like plastic shields, which are decorated in the corporate style. They are performed in such design decisions as retro, classic, modern. These signs are fixed near the entrance. They contain the name of the organization, working hours and other relevant information that the owner has decided to display.

Home sign is one of the main components of the exterior for administrative buildings or business centers. They are decorated with brand names and become the face of the house, which every day all potential customers, partners and employees see.



Plate options

When choosing a sign at home, you need to pay attention to such things as:

  1. The basis. At present, you can choose absolutely any material, but the most popular signs will be made of wood, organic glass, composite, glass, chipboard and plastic.
  2. Picture. To preserve it for a long time and be more beautiful than a simple inscription, it is best to use plastic, film, full-color printing, plexiglas or foam.
  3. Installation There are several mounting options. This may be a magnetic tape, special mounts or double-sided tape.
  4. Additional options. Front plates can be made of any shape and additional functions. For example, backlit or framed. It can be wooden inserts with beautiful painting or strict frames on the house made of metal.



The front plate is the hallmark of a private house or building. The main task, which is to inform passers-by and visitors, should be performed at 100%. Each owner made a sign on the house according to their taste preferences, so he chooses beautiful designs and design style from any size and color.




In order for the plate to be of high quality and noticeable, it is necessary to take into account some nuances in its manufacture. These include:

  • Good visibility of all information at any time of the day.
  • Relevance of information.
  • Readability from the car.

In this case, the plate must be made of quality materials to shed the rock of its service. In addition to the beautiful aesthetic appearance, it should be practical at any time of the year.





Each home sign should be made of durable composite panels. They should be applied to the background of the retroreflective self-adhesive film. In addition, home signs have such characteristics as:

  1. Durability.
  2. Strength.
  3. Readability regardless of the time of day.
  4. Attractiveness.
  5. Do not spoil from the weather in the form of rain, snow and sunlight.
  6. Bright and noticeable appearance.
  7. Front plates must be equipped with a mount.

Each person chooses the types of plates on the house, which can be implemented after creating sketches. Designers will take into account all the wishes and requirements of the client. In addition, if you wish, you can make light house signs yourself.