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Minimalism - the perfect solution for a one-room apartment

Currently, there are many design styles that are used both in offices and in apartments. It is difficult to single out any one style, it’s not for nothing that they say: how many people - so many opinions. Some owners will bring their property to nature - this is the style of "country", others will focus on the functionality of the room - this is "constructivism", and others organize more space in the apartment - "minimalism". It is about the features of the latter style that will be discussed.

The interior of a one-bedroom apartment in the style of minimalism

In any apartment, even one-room with its small size, you can make the specified interior. The main thing is to strictly follow the principles of the chosen design, which must be thought out to the smallest detail. This is especially true of one-room apartments, where the entire design is immediately apparent. Minimalism is a combination of rigor with a sense of proportion, clarity and sophistication, a style that requires the creation of visual space.

Signs of minimalism

Like any style, minimalism has its own distinctive features:

  • Monochrome shades. Ceiling, floor and walls made in the same tone "erase" the boundaries of space. If the furniture is made in the color of the walls, then it seems to disappear. Even greater volume can be achieved through lacquered surfaces. But in order not to be too impersonal, we need various colored accessories - paintings, candles, pillows.
  • Mirrors, whose property is to increase the space.
  • Simple, but very high quality finish.
  • The absence of complex structural elements, or at least their concealment.
  • Large windows letting in a lot of light.
  • Cold colors: gray and white shades. Minimalism does not accept bright colors.
  • Square and rectangular furniture.

What should all the elements of a one-room apartment look like?

Minimalism assumes certain features, which are important to observe in each part of a one-room apartment:

Hallway - the first thing that strikes guests

This element of a one-room apartment is usually very small, so it must have a minimum of furniture. Optimally, there will be a small wardrobe with a glass facade for outerwear, where you can also remove unused shoes, hats, gloves, umbrellas, etc. In the corridor you can hang a mirror that visually increases this part of the apartment. Also to expand the space in the hallway can be due to the floor of the laminate of light colors.

The room is the most important part of minimalism.

This is the main part of the apartment, so you need to do everything very carefully. Observing the technique of minimalism, as the furniture you should choose a comfortable straight sofa and comfortable chairs with low seating. In a minimalist style, a bed is not only a place to sleep, but also a drawer in which you can store various things. It should be installed in the room mirror cabinet in full height of the wall, this mirror will create the illusion of the depth of space. It is best to use sliding doors that in the open will increase the apartment, and in the closed - create a sense of privacy in the room. All furniture must be placed along the walls. TV should be hung on the wall to avoid extra bedside tables. Blinds are recommended for windows.

Kitchen: no margin for error

In order to create a stylish and comfortable kitchen in a minimalist style that will harmonize with the room, you should free up a maximum of space. From the part of the boxes it is best to refuse, so that the kitchen does not lose integrity. As the necessary interior used metal countertops. White tiles of medium size are used for decoration, matte tiles of warm shades will look good on the floor.

Bathroom and toilet: style additions

Bath and toilet should be made in the general style. In this area, it is recommended to create a soft light for greater comfort.

Balcony: tricks

The door leading to the balcony, you need to put out of glass, then the room will be more light and it will seem wider. In order to visually enlarge the space, remove the balcony partition and install the hinged window into the cleared opening. To unload the room a little, you can arrange a dressing room on the balcony, removing all your belongings there.

Who is minimalism?

This style is very rare, because it does not suit everyone. Minimalism is inherent in business, serious and organized people who adhere to the order and certain rules not only in the arrangement of the apartment, but also in life.

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