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The design of the courtyard of a private house (60 photos): beautiful design ideas

If you have your own home, then you are undoubtedly pretty lucky. After all, your house can be arranged according to your own desires and possibilities.

And if everything inside is wonderful and beautiful, there is stylish furniture, clean and well-groomed, then you want the design of the yard of a private house to be just as perfect.

The article will tell you how to refine the territory of the courtyard of a private house with simple efforts.

It is not necessary for this to involve venerable professionals, landscape designers who, of course, will help, but at the same time, the courtyard of a private house will to some extent reflect their own ideas and vision.

And if you want all the types in the courtyard of your house to be individual and fully fit you, then of course, it is better to decorate his landscape design yourself, without any pressure or hints from the outside.


What you need to concentrate on in order to correctly and ergonomically decorate the courtyard of your house:

  • If the site is uneven, has pits, slides and other deficiencies in the landscape, you will have to level it, unless of course you want to give the yard a look of alpine slides. If the plot is large enough, you may even have to use the help of the grader. But then you will expect a flat area where you can show your designer imagination as you like and decorate any landscape decoration.

  • Think of a hedge. Perhaps you have a solid brick fence. However, this method of isolating itself from the outside world is gradually becoming unpopular. Now, increasingly, people decorate their yards with graceful hedges, taking an example from the developed Western countries. Include such a fence in your project and see how it decorates the yard.

  • Proper planning implies that the site has both sunny areas for fun games with children and sunbathing in the summer sun, and shady secluded places where you can plant shade plants and even have a gazebo, if the plot area allows.

  • Be sure to think of a good lighting area, including solve this question for the backyard.

  • Of course, it is worth considering when designing the climatic features of the region where, in fact, the house is located. If it is a hot south, it will look beautiful trellis, decorated with a vine. But in the north this decor will be useless.

  • The landscape design of the yard should overlap and correspond to the design of the house.

  • Do not overdo the design of the yard. Less details are better, but better and more thoughtful than a jumble of stylistic elements taken from nowhere. Take your time, if necessary - read books on design, look at the relevant sites, evaluate different ideas.

Required Questions

What you need to find out before starting a yard arrangement are the most important and important questions:

  • Decide whether there will be a vegetable garden on your house plot, or you may want to plant some fruit trees with your own hands.

  • Does your landscape design plan accommodation on the site of the bath. If so, then you may want to break a pond near the bathhouse or set a font. It is necessary to think in advance. It will also be necessary to make additional lighting of this zone.

  • Will need parking for cars. As a rule, living in a private house, you cannot do without a car, therefore a small concrete platform is always planned.

  • If you have children or grandchildren often come, then you may need a small playground. Children will love their beautiful corner.

  • Be sure to plan a recreation area, even a small one. There you can build a grill, make a summer kitchen nearby, put tables, benches, eventually break the gazebo, plant flowers.

  • Whether the pool is planned on the site.

In each case, the needs will be individual. Someone does not need a playground, and someone calmly do without a bath. But modern design ideas and custom projects will easily solve any layout problem.


Important nuances to help better plan the landscape of the local area:

  • If you plan to make a playground, then it should be viewed from the windows of the house. This will allow parents to keep their children in sight constantly, controlling their safety. Also, this area will need additional lighting and interesting decor.

  • The rest area is ideally located behind the house. This will hide relaxing people from the curious eyes of the neighbors and will make the rest on the nature better.

  • The platform for cars will also look best in the backyard. The front part of the courtyard is a face that should be beautiful, well-groomed, presentable. And all the repair, dirty and other technical work is better to lead away from the eyes. Also think about the platform for cars to have good lighting.

  • Between the different zones of the site you need to make high-quality solid tracks. For this purpose it is especially good to use modern qualitative gravel or crushed stone. Do not forget to set the curb, if the tracks are bulk, this will help them not fall apart. If there is a desire, you can elevate the yard asphalt paths.

  • In the depths of the yard, even small, you can arrange a garden and your garden. Gardening and landscaping are almost synonymous.

  • If you want the house and the surrounding area to look attractive and harmonious from all sides of the yard, then assess the scale, the landscape and the opening perspective directly by looking at the house from all sides. Also look from the balcony, from the terrace, from the porch, etc. This will help to notice and eliminate minor flaws that may have been invisible on direct inspection.

Plants in the yard

What rules should be followed when choosing the appropriate landscaping of your yard:

  • Do not place coniferous plants, even dwarf, on the terraces and verandas in the tubs. Although the landscape with them looks very decorative and elegant, you will get tired of picking up their needles every morning. The inner courtyard is also not designed to have conifers and shrubs in it.

  • The best ideas of landscaping include unpretentious plants that do not require some kind of super-walking for themselves.

  • It is better not to plant deciduous plants around the pool, pond and other ornamental ponds. Though the weeping willow over the pond looks picturesque, fallen leaves will litter the entire pond. In this case, even fish may die if you breed them. The pond implies elegant decor and adequate lighting.

  • Well decorate your site with plants in the form of hedges. This decor looks great and gives beauty. Use for this plant of medium height. Low bushes will not provide privacy, and too high will look sloppy, and for them it will be difficult to care for, trim.

  • If there is an opportunity and some design ideas and skills, it would be nice to break the bright flower beds on the site or make picturesque flowerbeds with different colors. A properly selected lighting will make landscaping even more picturesque.

  • If the area is small, in this case, designers recommend taking the missing space "out of thin air." That is, the layout should go up, making slides with their own hands, including alpine, ledges, cascades, etc. Apply the principle of vertical gardening. Such a decoration of the courtyard is also very attractive and elegant looks.


What decorative elements are best suited to make the arrangement of the yard of a private house complete:

  • Sculptures. And the more your yard, the more cumbersome sculptures fit him. Conversely, in a small compact courtyard the same elegant small sculptures would look best.

  • Decorative arches. Especially good they look in the summer. Usually they are twined with ivy or some other climbing plant. Properly selected lighting will emphasize their decorativeness.

  • Decorative ponds. It can be small ponds, streams, even your own waterfall. Be sure to keep this important point in mind. It will be especially pleasant to be around the reservoir in the summer heat. And you will thank you many times for the construction of such a reservoir.

  • If the house is made in a rustic style, for example, like the Ukrainian hut, then it is logical to decorate it with clay pots, wicker fence and similar elements. That is, it is important to adhere to the general style of the structure and maintain it in all elements.

  • Children will love it if you place funny gnomes, fairies, and other fairy-tale characters around the perimeter of the site. You can play with them, and they give the view of the site a picturesque and a little magical one.