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Striped wallpaper in the interior (57 photos): combine correctly

Striped wallpaper has always been in fashion, and in the near future will remain in the trend, because they are able to attract attention and make an unforgettable impression. The use of different colors of striped wallpaper makes the interior of the room more dynamic, you just need to know what colors are best to combine with each other. Striped wallpaper can significantly change the visual perception of indoor space by making it significantly higher in height or wider in width. But here it is important not to confuse the applied wallpaper, for example, a horizontal bar visually reduces the room in height, but it greatly expands its width. The vertical strip, on the contrary, visually increases the height of the room. The choice of striped style in interior design always looks more preferable than monophonic, because it is much more interesting, it looks much better and rarely gets bored.

The main advantages of using striped wallpaper

  • Changing the visual perception of the room. As we have already noted above, vertical striped wallpaper can significantly increase the height of the room, and all because, by sweeping our eyes through the vertical strips of wallpaper, it seems to us that the room is much higher than it actually is. Thus, the illusion of a high ceiling in the room is created. But there is another option that is also relevant in our time. This is a narrow room. In this case, horizontal stripes will be the best fit, because the longitudinal lines can slightly expand the space, which will make your room more comfortable and cozy. It is worth noting that such wallpaper should be glued horizontally.
  • Striped wallpaper in the interior look great not only in classic but also in modern interiors.
  • They have the perfect combination with furniture, household appliances, any accessories.
  • The possibility of combining with monochrome models.

Very interesting is the use of non-woven wallpaper. Their main advantage is a long service life, as well as the possibility of their many colors, which significantly saves not only money, but also time to carry out repair work. Striped non-woven wallpapers are number one among many other wallpapers, because here you can choose the color scheme of your choice, choose the desired width of the strip, as well as its color. Ideal for children's room.

The combination of striped wallpaper in the interior of different rooms with different shades and colors

The huge color range of striped wallpaper will make our choice in the buying process much more difficult. Which of the many kinds of flowers to prefer? This question is extremely relevant and requires many answers. For example, which of the colors is better to combine with each other? For those who prefer contrasting motifs, it is better to pay attention to the combination of black and white, yellow and green, light gray and blue. Lovers of more relaxed motives should make their choice in favor of several colors of the same color range, for example, salad / green / emerald.

Light stripes look soft, they give the room elegance and lightness. In such an interior there is peace, comfort and warmth, a sense of stability and peace. Rest in such a room will become truly divine.

If it is necessary to give the interior a more lively feeling, charge it with energy and positive, then it is better to use a bright strip. She will attract attention to herself, here she wants to actively spend time and leisure, to get new emotions.

An important aspect is the width of the strip in the interior of the wallpaper. Thin stripes have the properties to merge into a single background from a far distance, thereby making the room easy to read. Wide stripes are best for the bedroom. They, according to many psychologists, create an atmosphere of calm, relaxation and balance. Delicate shades of pink, beige or brown color contribute to a comfortable atmosphere.

Striped wallpaper on the walls of different rooms

Children's room

Very relevant is the use of striped wallpaper in the nursery. The walls of the children's room are not afraid of experiments, so here you can bring any fantasy, even the wildest, into reality. The main thing that the child was to the soul. The first thing to look out for is color. In the nursery it is best to use bright and vibrant colors; thin bright stripes on a light background will look just great. If you want multi-colored wallpaper, it is better to opt for wide strips. Depending on the size of the room, several options can be made by dividing the space into several zones. For example, to glue the main wall with multi-colored wallpaper, the rest to make the same type. So you can select your child’s play area. Also, since this is a children's room, you can paint it in the colors of your favorite characters from animated series or movies.

Striped Bedroom Wallpaper

The bedroom is a place to sleep, where we spend the third part of our life, resting, restoring vitality. The main advice for the selection of wallpaper in the bedroom - give preference to one color, but you can use its different shades. For example, the green color is very soothing, so you can safely stick the green striped wallpaper in your rest room. It will also look nice and beige striped wallpaper on a light background. It is important to refrain from aggressive design decisions and sudden color changes, because there can be no rest here.

A selection of striped wallpaper for the living room

Correctly chosen striped wallpapers look great in the interior of any room. It is not surprising that the interior of the classic living room with striped wallpaper can surprise and add sophistication to this room. It is important to choose the wallpaper to the color of the furniture. For items made of natural wood is best suited strip of gray or green. Black and white stripes in combination with black furniture will look solid. Light furniture will ideally look with blue striped wallpaper.

Striped wallpaper in the kitchen

An important aspect of the selection of wallpaper in the kitchen is the correct combination of colors, because the kitchen is the place where we eat, satisfy our appetite. Therefore, the color scheme must necessarily invigorate and cause our appetite, and not vice versa. Kitchen space design is not an easy thing. Here you need to take into account all the nuances. The best option is to use juicy shades, such as green, yellow, pink, for example, in a white strip. The interior can be diluted by adding striped curtains, paintings, vases of flowers, and so on.

Striped wallpaper in the hallway

In the hallway, striped wallpapers look particularly impressive, especially if they are properly selected. Often the hallway is not wide enough, so here it is better to pick up vertical striped wallpaper that contributes to the visual increase in space. The most suitable option for pasting the walls in the hallway is non-woven vinyl-coated wallpaper. Their main advantage is that they are easy to wash, a wide range of colors, the possibility of the perfect combination of different styles.

Combining striped wallpaper with monochromatic

Striped wallpaper have another distinct advantage - they can be easily combined with solid colors. There are no hard rules, there are only your tastes and preferences. For example, in a nursery, a combination of striped wallpaper with wallpaper with pictures looks funny. In a word, experiment, only in moderation. Embody your fantasies in reality.