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The interior of a two-level apartment (52 photos): beautiful design and layout

The dream of the availability of free space within the city can quite materialize. Previously, duplex apartments were considered a luxury, absolutely not accessible to ordinary people. But time passes and changes everything. Replaced the same type of buildings came newfangled with absolutely unique projects of apartment layouts. Today, almost every new high-rise building ends with an area with a technical or attic floor.

Now this apartment has become really affordable and everyone can feel like a little aristocrat if they wish. A whole polygon of free space makes it possible to accelerate the desires and fantasies of the future design. Unrestricted scales allow not only to personalize the space individually for each family member, but also to create common areas for hanging out together. But buying such an apartment is worth being aware of the existing nuances.

Technical features of a two-level apartment

A clear and static layout is the main difference between a two-story apartment. Some elements of the apartment are not allowed to move to another place, they must remain where they were originally designed.

You can not reschedule:

  • Front door.
  • Kitchen space.
  • Bathroom.
  • The ladder.

This should be taken into account when redevelopment, the above elements should remain static.

Layout of a two-story apartment

The basis of the project for such apartments lies in the division of space into public and private. The public area is usually considered the lower floor, which houses the kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, and sometimes the office and bedrooms for guests. On the top floor there are rooms for the owners and their children, a washroom and a dressing room.

Important! It would be better to group the rooms functionally. For example, a dining room with a kitchen, and a library with a study. If space is limited, decorative partitions will be most appropriate, which will help to divide the room into functional zones.

Apartments of economy class, the size of which is limited to 70 square meters. m, require a carefully thought-out layout. It is necessary to take into account the real estate of some elements and harmoniously beat them in the design.

One - step, two - step ...

The staircase is an essential attribute of a construction project in a two-story apartment. In such an apartment, it acts as a functional necessity, but claims to be the central part of the interior. By tradition, the staircase is either located in the center or near the wall that serves as its support. The height and width of the steps must necessarily conform to the norm in order to make it convenient to move around. The safety of all residents of an apartment depends on such a small nuance. For duplex apartments there are several types of stairs.

Constructive variations of stairs:

  • Marching stairs. They are usually made of natural or artificial material, stone or wood. The main advantage of such structures is absolute safety. In conjunction with curly props made of expensive wood, it will be a wonderful complement to the interior in a classic style. There is a lack of such stairs, they take up a lot of space, on average about 20 square meters. m. This model also fits well even in the style of country, modern and art deco.
  • Console stairs. The staircase visually practically “hovers on weight”, due to which it looks modern and stylish. Such a model can be, as with the railing, and without them. But there is such a design and a small minus. It is attached to the walls and only, which greatly limits its operational capabilities.
  • Spiral stairs. Due to its compactness, quite popular designs took one of the first places in the market of supply and demand. Spiral staircases do not cease to amaze with different variations of spiral shapes. Look good in the style of high-tech, Empire, as well as modern and many others. But there is still a lack of such stairs, they are not very convenient to use.
  • Forged stairs. Art forging is difficult to underestimate. Multi-way combinations will look great in a modern style. Fans of metal and exclusive will appreciate the grace of openwork plexuses of iron.
  • Stairs on the bridge. Such models are bolted directly to the railing, do not have a frame. Looks advantageous in combination with any stylistic direction in the interior. Not a bad option for a two-story apartment, with its stability and durability, is also extremely ergonomic. This design looks airy and light, and still takes up minimal space. The steps themselves can be made of different materials: stone, metal or even glass.

Design of a two-floor apartment

Design design is a purely personal taste preferences of apartment owners. The last few years in the trend remain eclectic and high-tech style. What is the main thing in the design of two-level apartments? It is not a secret for anyone that the choice of the style direction in the interior of an apartment is its main unity. The chosen style and decor should bring only positive emotions; residents should be comfortable living, working and relaxing in such an apartment. Duplex apartment is no exception. The future correctly composed interior should delight and delight its owners.

Even the eclectic style should be thought out to the smallest detail. All rooms in the apartment must comply with the general theme. Finding objects out of the general design of the room, in addition to attracting excessive attention, visually narrow the space. The unity of the color palette in furniture, walls, flooring is the key to a well-designed apartment style.

Decor of two-floor apartments

As for the decorated decoration of the apartments, it would be good to adhere to minimalism. Overloaded with various kinds of details, the room will seem too cluttered up, and therefore close, it will be absolutely impossible to rest and relax in it. It would be nice to make an apartment interesting, you can even say the original decor. Extravagant sculpture or painting will perform well in such a role, and a false fireplace can help in this matter. Since the staircase is the main difference between ordinary and duplex apartments, it should be beautifully beaten in the interior. Soft and fluffy textiles, floor covering will fill the homely atmosphere with warmth and coziness, which will add even more comfort to the room.

Play of light

A duplex apartment needs good lighting. Panoramic window can be not only a source of light, but also a central element of the design composition. The sun rays penetrating through the panoramic window construction will fill the whole house with light and warmth, creating a unique atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Roman and roller blinds modestly help to hide from excessive light in the evening.

Whatever style you choose, the main thing is that it is pleasant for you to be at home, so that the interior brings pleasure to the eyes, joy to the soul and comfort to the body.