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Glass sink - exquisite and stylish plumbing (26 photos)


The variety of sinks is no longer surprising. However, the glass sink for the bathroom does not cease to amaze with its beauty and singularity. The transparency of the shell or the play of colors on the surface fascinate and delight.



Wash basins from any materials have advantages and disadvantages. Glass sinks also have their disadvantages and advantages.




  • strength - the visual fragility of the bowl is quite deceptive, because manufacturers are interested in the manufacture of safe plumbing. For the release of plumbing used only tempered glass. This means that when processing the material used high temperature. When a heavy object falls into the bowl, the glass will simply crack, but it does not break into fragments;
  • resistance to chemicals. To care for the surface is enough to use a conventional sponge and liquid detergent compositions. It is not recommended to clean plumbing with metal brushes or products with abrasive additives, otherwise scratches may occur;
  • absolute security. For many buyers, glass objects are unwittingly associated with sharp edges and cuts. However, in the case of sinks, such concerns do not make sense at all. Since the edges of all products are carefully polished in the factory;
  • wide color range and variety of forms. When choosing a sink, you can not limit your imagination, since the plasticity of the material allows you to implement the most unexpected and creative solutions, and the use of unusual color transitions creates a beautiful play of colors on the surface;
  • universality - such a glass sink will harmoniously fit into the interiors of rooms decorated in different styles;
  • transparent bowls are great for decorating small areas, as they do not visually take up space;
  • low weight greatly simplifies product delivery and installation.

The disadvantages include the need for constant care of things made of transparent glass, as the stains from the water remain noticeable (even on a black surface). If you do not have time or desire to closely monitor the transparency of the shell, you can install products made of frosted glass.





Designs that are used in the arrangement of the washing can be divided into several types: suspended, invoice and built-in.

Suspended glass sink (with the effect of floating in the air) significantly saves space in the room. These models should be installed in compact rooms. To preserve the visual effect of "weightlessness", it is desirable to pay attention to the masking of all fasteners and drainage systems.




The surface mounted glass sink can be of a monolithic type or have the appearance of a sink with a pedestal, where all communications are hidden. Such a construction bill on a countertop looks reliable.

Built-in models are located both in the worktop of the furniture, and in a separate nightstand, where the entire pipe system is hidden. It is recommended to select similar models for quite spacious bathrooms, since such a set of furniture and sanitary ware is large.



A variety of sink manufacturing techniques

These washbasins have recently become fashionable. however, the standard forms of products have already been defined - oval, rectangular. Square and round bowls are less common. Due to the plasticity of the material it is possible to order an individual model of the washbasin. For the manufacture of plumbing used three ways to work with glass, which determine the color and texture of the surface of products.

  1. Melting and hardening. The technology involves the preliminary melting of individual pieces of multi-colored glass. Then the color layer is quenched by a sudden change in temperature. The final shape of the product takes on heating the glass layer and its rapid cooling. The method is used for the manufacture of matte and transparent bowls of various colors.
  2. Blown glass has a completely different production technology. Products acquire a blown shape due to the work of special equipment and accessories. Then, the billet is hardened at least two days at high temperature. Models, as a rule, have a transparent appearance, although small inclusions can sometimes be present.
  3. Mosaic washbasins. To create a sink, individual multi-colored elements are laid out in any order and glued to the bottom of a thin tempered glass bowl. Then the product is fired. The free space between the glass pieces is filled with a specially prepared mixture (sand + painted cement). The entire surface is carefully covered with a sealant and a protective layer of special varnish.

The choice of colors depends on the artistic taste of the master and the wishes of the client. Compositions can form pictures, patterns, ornaments. Thanks to a special technology, shells are produced, the surface of which imitates marble; for this purpose, glasses of at least three shades are used.



To make the purchase a joy and meet the expectations, it is advisable to take into account a few tips:

  • Before choosing the type of sink and installation method, it is necessary to make an assessment of the communication systems in the bathroom. If you plan to overhaul the replacement of pipes and laying a new floor covering, you can choose any design sink. Otherwise, you need to take into account the capabilities and features of water supply and sewerage systems;
  • Before buying a bowl, you need to carefully examine it for the presence of chips or air bubbles in the glass. The presence of such defects may be a sign of poor product quality;
  • be sure to make sure the manufacturer provides a warranty. For such shells, it usually ranges from one to five years;
  • the shape and size of the bowl is selected in accordance with the area of ​​the room;
  • It is very important to choose a model that harmoniously complements the decor of the bathroom.

When caring for the surface it is undesirable to use detergents with abrasive additives. In order for the glass sink for the bathroom not to get a sloppy look, it is necessary to constantly wash it and wipe away traces of water spray. It is undesirable to pour boiling water so as not to create the risk of cracking.




Often, improper installation of the glass shell leads to its splitting, so it is advisable to entrust the installation of the product to a professional. Then the glass sink bowl for a really long time will decorate the bathroom and delight residents with a sophisticated look.