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Glass stairs in the interior (50 photos): beautiful designs for the home

The main function of the staircase is the connection between different levels of the house, but it can also look like one of the main decorations of the interior. A variety of modern materials allows you to realize a variety of ideas, and one of the unique solutions are glass stairs, which become a work of art of modern design.

Over the past decade, the technological processes of glass production have expanded significantly, it began to be used everywhere, both in religious and in everyday residential buildings. And when interest in glass staircases appeared among famous designers and architects, everyone paid attention to this unusual element of the interior. Of course, this new product is not without flaws, but such beauty is hard to refuse.

Glass Stairs - The Ultimate Solution

Glass designs seem to be specially created for modern styles in design. They will perfectly fit into techno, minimalism, hi-tech, bionics and other similar styles. The house with transparent stairs is full of lightness. Of course, the main distinguishing feature of such stairs is beauty, but one should not forget about functionality. Glass stairs are very strong, of course, they can not be compared with a traditional tree, but to break such a structure, you need at least a sledgehammer.

It is worth noting that the choice of this element of the interior is dictated by the aesthetic function, so designers often advise installing two staircases in the house and using them in parallel. If you have small children, then while with glass it is worth to wait and wait for them to grow up a bit. Additional security can be achieved using a non-slip glass tread.

Glass stairs bring the unity of different structures into your home. If you already use stone, wood and metal, then all this must be diluted and bring harmony, and in this case the glass staircase is indispensable.

There are two types of glass stairs, differing in design:

  • national teams;
  • welded.

They are the most common first, they are attached to the wall with a support made of metal. Welded ladders - more reliable and sturdy construction. The steps of such a ladder hold the bridges, which makes it possible to withstand heavy loads. Such ladders are best of all suitable for shopping and entertainment centers, offices and residential premises.

Various designs of glass stairs

Allocate spiral (or spiral), mid-flight and combined (mid-flight with a turn) stairs. Of all these types of marching stairs became the most popular. Large steps make it easy to climb, which greatly improves convenience and practicality. The tread height is about 15 centimeters, the depth of the step itself is 30-40. It can have one or two marches depending on the location, the place under the stairs and aesthetic preferences. Recall that the march connects two adjacent sites and relies on them. Usually a small fence and balusters are used with it.

If space is limited, use a spiral staircase. Such designs greatly save space and create a pleasant geometric contrast. Often on spiral staircases, the railing is made of wood, and the balusters of metal, for example, aluminum. You can add even more airiness and elegance to the design with the help of white vertical stands. A spiral glass staircase is a sign of luxury and elegance.

Materials for production

You should not think that ordinary glass is used for such stairs. That is why, despite its visual fragility, these structures are so hardy to loads. In the manufacture of glass stairs use: triplex, tempered glass or laminated glass.

  1. Triplex is a multi-layered high-strength glass, the layers of which are joined using a polymer or a special film. Triplex has a high strength, heat resistance and is safe in case of accidental damage. The glass panels have no gaps, and their edges are polished. In accordance with the interior design, the steps can be two or three layers. Thickness of sheets varies at the request of the customer.
  2. The tempered glass is made under special heating, it is exposed to heat treatment. Such a hardening technique allows to achieve strength and safety, even in the case of glass breakage.
  3. Mollirovannoe (or curved) glass takes any of various forms - a dream for the designer. In this case, molded glass, as well as tempered, is subjected to strong thermal hardening, therefore, it is not inferior to it in strength.

Of all the above materials are also made glass fencing for stairs, which are often referred to as translucent structures. Both transparent and glass opaque protections are used, sometimes they are equipped with a lighting system. Lighting devices can create special areas in your home and help you tune in the right way. Sometimes a solid glass fence is used instead of a railing.

Design Ideas

The use of decorative properties of glass in the interior of the house is room for imagination. As already mentioned, glass is perfectly combined with other materials - wood, metal and stone. It can be a staircase with glass steps, with wooden inserts and fitted with wooden railings. The staircase made of glass can be with metal railings and handrails, metal bars as a fence.

Color design stairs can be any. Monochrome, frosted, transparent glass, glass that simulates cracks, tinted, glass with drawings of any subject - all this is only part of the design decisions. Special effect can be achieved with the help of additional lighting glass stairs. You can decorate the structure with wall lamps, fluorescent lamps, fancy lamps and other lighting elements. Placing the lighting in different places of the stairs, you can achieve fabulous beauty for your home.

In a country house with large windows in wooden frames, an elegant staircase with transparent steps, a matte partition and elegant metal railings will become a favorite element of the interior. The idea for hi-tech is a glass staircase with white wooden steps of a triangular shape - a direct road to the world of the future. Every amateur and professional, if desired, can present a huge number of variations of stairs with glass.

Glass stair care

It is worth recalling once again that modern glass stairs are completely safe to use. They have a special anti-slip surface, and they can additionally be covered with rubberized mats. Materials for the manufacture of such stairs are environmentally friendly, do not contain dangerous impurities and do not lead to allergic reactions.

You need to take care of the glass properly and carefully, especially if you walk on it every day. Do not use abrasive substances or products containing alkali - the glass does not tolerate them. Choose soft sponges or microfiber cloths; when washing, avoid moisture between the metal and the glass.

With the help of a glass staircase, you will undoubtedly add originality to your interior, create a feeling of lightness and add airiness to the space of your home.