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Lamps in the modern style in the interior (50 photos)


Modern and beautiful Art Nouveau style - one of the most popular for home improvement. In order to decorate an apartment or a house in this style, it will be necessary to put enough effort - the situation in the modern style requires strict adherence to details. We need to work out all the elements: furniture, surface decoration and, of course, take care of the appropriate lighting. In this case, this interior detail is more important than ever - after all, lamps in the modernist style - both chandeliers and wall lamps - need special ones. We will tell about these features in the article.




Famous Representatives

The most famous representatives of the Art Nouveau style are the Spanish architect Gaudi, who created many beautiful buildings and Orta, jewelry designer Tiffany. In addition to the jewelry, the latter also created beautiful colored glass sconces. These gorgeous and surprisingly beautiful products are still considered the unsurpassed standard of lighting fixtures in the modern style and are a real decoration of any living room.






The main characteristics of the style

This style came to the interiors of houses as a successor to the eclectic direction. In some sources it is also called “art nouveau”, “liberty”, “tiffany” and, more rarely, “secession” or “art nouveau”. Consider what features can boast of modern style in the interior:

  • The lines are smooth, streamlined, curved. Sharpness, clarity and rigorous geometry, neither desktop nor pendant or wall lamp in the modern style can boast.
  • Ornamental techniques are used for the exterior design of the space. Especially well suited for decorating the bedroom and kitchen.
  • Zoning premises using various techniques. In the course go and lighting, and podiums, and stairs, and decorative arches. The last reception is good for the living room.
  • Often used stained glass windows.
  • Lots of light, open spaces, a sense of freedom. A lot of light in the interior will help to create LED lamps, and pendant will not make the light too harsh.
  • Simple and concise details. The absence of "tricked out" decor.
  • Multi-level design. This also applies to lighting. So, wall and table lamps can be located: on the ceiling, at eye level, and closer to the floor. A modern ceiling lamps make the final touch in the whole composition.
  • Use mainly materials of natural origin. Leather and wood elements are also often used.
  • Lack of vulgarity. The atmosphere of modernity, even in a luxurious living room, does not boast wealth, but subtly demonstrates the noble and exquisite taste of its owners.









Features and advantages of lamps in modern style

What are the main distinguishing features of lighting fixtures in the modern style, consider:

  • Modern luminaires produce a feeling of lightness, soaring in space. They are characterized by light, clean lines, thin and clear. You will not see massive, bulky chandeliers, solid floor lamps, ornate wall sconces.
  • The design of the lamps for both the kitchen and the living room is quite bold. Modern style is a bit like a classic, however, it has much more modern features.
  • Modern luminaires can be well combined not only with the furnishings in the same style, but also with some others - for example, the desk or pendant luminaire modern looks good in high-tech or loft interiors.
  • Art nouveau chandeliers and sconces are distinguished by an exquisite and elegant look. They will be loved by lovers of beauty.
  • Often used method of color contrast. Table lamp in this style looks especially impressive.
  • Despite its modernity and some extravagance, modern lamps are perfect for a very respectable environment, giving it the necessary "flavor". Choosing table and pendant lamps in this style for the kitchen and living room, you will no doubt show yourself as a person who is used to choosing the very best and has a delicate artistic taste.
  • LED or ordinary, chandeliers and sconces in the Art Nouveau style have a unique feature - they can even make a completely elegant room even from a simple interior. Ordinary kitchen or bedroom furniture in combination with these lamps looks different - more expensive and elegant.
  • Wall or table, lamp modern is a fusion of vintage and modern decor. Compromise option when you want to achieve in the interior of the classics, not devoid of modern features.
  • In these products there is no excess decoration: both the pendant and the wall lamp in the modern style are free from intrusive gilding, lurid modeling and other artsy details.
  • Vegetative ornaments are often used: a vine with berries, buds of exquisite flowers, tropical vines, branches with blossoming buds, all kinds of flowers, etc. For decoration of a kitchen or living room - what you need.
  • With the help of lamps in the Art Nouveau style you can perfectly zone the space. The table lamp will highlight the working area, and the wall will highlight the paintings on the walls and other important areas of the room. Lighting fixtures - chandeliers and sconces - perfectly highlight the design elements that home owners want to pay special attention to.
  • With the help of thoughtful lighting in the interior, you can even minimize some miscalculations of planning and design of the room. For example, highlighting one of the "good" areas, you can divert attention from the corner, where the unsuccessful niche is located, which spoils the look of the kitchen or bedroom.
  • The advantages of modern-style lamps are that they fit perfectly into any room: they are appropriate in a chic living room, suitable for a bedroom, a functional kitchen and even a small bathroom. In any of these rooms, LED or ordinary lamps in the Art Nouveau style will be "in place".
  • Lamps for these lighting fixtures are matched with soft diffused light. Sharp, bright, artificial light is not for this style. Therefore, LED models should alternate with “soft”, warm lighting.







Where better look

In which rooms in the house lamps in modern style - LED or ordinary - will look best?

  • Kitchen. In this purely functional and necessary for every dwelling room, a pendant or wall lamp in the Art Nouveau style will look great, making the kitchen room more decorative, without depriving it of its functionality and practicality. In addition, the lamp gives the kitchen a more cozy look. Especially good will look here a model with a lampshade in warm colors, as well as modern spotlights.
  • Bathroom. Here the use of lamps in the Art Nouveau style is due to the fact that the usual ceiling chandeliers in this room are not used. Therefore, functional and practical lights, especially - LED - will fall in the bathroom at the right time.
  • Hallway or corridor. Wall lamps in the Art Nouveau style will look great here.







What types of lamps in the Art Nouveau style, we can buy for your apartment:

  • Major. This type of lighting in the modern style includes chandeliers, wall lamps and floor lamps. Also here can be attributed dot LED lamps in the Art Nouveau style, which will help zone the space.
  • Target. These lamps can highlight any particular area or interior. For example, the directional light from a small spotlight in the modern style will highlight a beautiful picture on the wall. Desktop LED models perfectly emphasize and isolate the working space, and small hanging models for the kitchen, located directly above the table, will make this area brighter.
  • Background These lamps have diffused light, which is needed to ensure that the room is lit evenly and without sharpness. LED models are excellent for this purpose.
    If you follow the rules of lighting in modern style, then each room in the house should be equipped with at least three lamps - two main and one background. Usually this is the presence of a central ceiling chandelier, a sconce on the wall, and closer to the floor equip the background lighting in the form of small light bulbs, with which the dark corners of the room are lit. Thus, the space of the bedroom or living room is uniformly lit.










Design features

What are the main stylistic features of the interior lamps modern?

  • Various unusual bends, whimsical and elegant - the main feature of the style, which is different suspension and wall lamp in this style.
  • Special combination of materials. Most often glass, including non-ferrous, metal and ceramics is used to make a chandelier or wall lamp.
  • An important detail - when you design a kitchen or living room in modern style, keep in mind that the base of the floor lamp or chandelier should match the color of the furniture in the room.
  • The shapes of chandeliers and wall lamps are often streamlined and have smooth, curved lines. This characteristic form is different and desktop, and hanging models.
  • Oval ceiling, which is most often used to illuminate the kitchen - a characteristic feature.
  • Female graceful figures can decorate the table lamp in this style.
  • Birds and butterflies are another popular motif widely used in the interior.
  • Suspended chic chandeliers in the form of large floral bouquets - a characteristic feature of this style. In this artificially created bouquet, various plants can be intertwined - vine, tropical liana, and leaves of trees. All this can be supplemented by small figures of birds sitting on the branches. There are many options - each designer sees his own bouquet in his own way. Models can be LED.