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Plasterboard ceilings for living room (21 photos)

Drywall is a safe and comfortable material that is great for decorating the walls and ceilings of any room in the house, including the living room. It is lightweight, can take various forms, has a smooth, even surface, is light and colored and is safe. In the article we will consider what features the design of the ceiling in the living room has with drywall.

Material Features

Drywall is a finishing material that is a flat sheet of plaster, which is “sealed” on both sides into thin, but durable and solid sheets of cardboard. The result is an even, safe material, ideal for leveling surfaces, building various partitions and for other finishing work. A drywall design is a great way to decorate an interior quickly and inexpensively.

Drywall does not cause allergies, does not smell, suitable for decoration of the premises where young children live, elderly and sick people.

Main characteristics:

  • Drywall - moisture resistant material.
  • Fire resistant
  • Drywall can be easily cut in the most bizarre way, so that the ceiling with its help can be two-level and multi-level, have stucco, niches and other details. Also, the ceiling with the help of drywall can be decorated bay window.
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport material.
  • With the help of drywall, you can hide the defects of surfaces, remove wiring from the eyes, various flaws and construction flaws. This property allows you to make the interior more presentable.
  • Material is inexpensive. This makes it a very profitable and budget option for repair - suitable for all segments of the population.
  • Gypsum cardboard is easily painted in any colors, wallpaper can be stuck onto it. This gives room when you design the interior of the room.
  • The plasterboard ceiling can be equipped with any kind of lighting: hang up the traditional central chandelier with pendants, and install modern spotlights. Any design is possible with this material.


Consider the most popular options for ceilings using drywall.


This type of ceiling differs enviably diverse. With the help of drywall you can realize the most unusual design, make the interior original. Various drawings, decorative elements, tiers, equipping with bay windows are all possible when using suspended ceilings.


This ceiling is a strict rectangle of plasterboard - smooth, most often - white. Without too much decor and fintiflyushek - cool and proper design. It looks especially good in modern minimalist interiors, such as hi-tech, loft. Will fit well into the Japanese interior. Such laconic ceilings are well combined with spotlights installed in drywall.


This drywall ceiling is very decorative, it looks beautiful and elegant. It is suitable in the case when an elegant interior is made in a house whose owners love decor and pomp. It can be used for modeling, various colors, wallpaper and other design. Multistage, arches, various types of lighting - all this is welcomed and used in the design of such living rooms.

Ceiling to the floor

This option must have some element that will combine it into one with the floor. It can be a column, a figured block dividing a room into zones, a niche in the wall that as it “grows” from the ceiling and goes down to the floor. Such techniques allow us to emphasize the unity of these two opposite surfaces, to unite the living room stylistically. The ceiling at the same time can be two-level.

Drywall allows you to carry out all these techniques. With the help of this material you can easily implement any ideas, make the interior of your living room original, different from others.

Stretch ceilings and drywall

This combination is a great design option. Such a surface does not attract dust, moisture-proof - if it floods from above, it can “hold out” for a while so that you can eliminate the consequences of the accident. In addition, the design of the room becomes thoughtful and stylish.

In addition, stretch drywall ceilings are very smooth and durable. This surface gives the living room a stylish and beautiful look. Tips:

  • If you choose a glossy stretch option, then carefully select the furniture for the living room. It is important that it is not too glossy - otherwise too many shiny surfaces will make the design of the room ill-conceived, uncomfortable.
  • The matte surface allows you to express the individuality of the room. In addition, on a matte surface look great various drawings, ornaments, decor and other design.
  • If the living room is designed in a classic style, then a fabric design will be a great solution. Such a ceiling - even if it is with a bay window - will look luxurious and look rich, will fill the interior of the room with home comfort, it will be perfectly combined with classical interiors.


Useful tips for a more competent approach to the design.

A drywall design will not work if the living room has low ceilings - it may additionally take several centimeters, each of which is important in this case. The variant with a bay window, as well as a two-level one, will also be inappropriate here.

If you want to visually make a room taller, use only light colors. The most popular option is white, the blue design also looks good. Gloss visually increases the height of the ceiling, the matte surface makes it lower. Therefore, making out the interior of a low living room, consider these features. Quite often, when decorating the ceiling of plasterboard in the living room is used such decoration as painting. This technique allows you to create a real work of art from an ordinary white unremarkable surface. Therefore, if you want to achieve an unusual effect, then use painting - surprise all your guests with the original look of the living room. It looks especially nice if the ceiling is two-level and is equipped with a bay window.

If the apartment is in a standard "Khrushchev" or another typical house, do not get carried away with the creation of multi-level structures. Such a ceiling requires height, otherwise it will make the living room low and squat, “steal” your space and air. Besides the fact that the low ceiling looks ugly, he is also undesirable from a psychological point of view - such an interior leads to depressions and depressed mood.

Tension and suspended plasterboard options are perfectly combined with a variety of lamps and lights. Be sure to think about this issue when you mount the ceiling in the living room. Proper lighting will decorate the room, make it wider, help to highlight certain areas. To do this, you can also provide the surface with a small bay window, where you can mount fixtures.

The ideal option for a small living room is a flat white plasterboard surface, around the perimeter of which there are spotlights. Such a design - with or without a bay window - will look quite advantageous, visually expand the space.

Any ceiling, whatever you choose, must necessarily match the style of the living room. Therefore, in the interior of the Baroque it is better not to use modern spot lighting, and in the minimalist living room it is better not to paint the surface with fancy patterns.