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The loft-style wardrobe is compact and functional furniture with a factory character (23 photos)


The presence of industrial elements (concrete surfaces, masonry, metal) can be considered a special feature of the interior in a loft style. Furniture for such an environment is simple and functional. Moreover, the features of industrial design may be present in objects of various purposes: bookcases or clothing cabinets, and furniture for a hallway.





The design of such furniture is its main advantage. Since the cabinet doors simply disperse to the sides, the area of ​​the room is significantly saved. The most common models of furniture:

  • Cabinet case with all standard accessories: pallet, top cover, walls and sliding doors. Dignity - the furniture is easily rearranged to another suitable place;
  • built-in wardrobe in the loft style - allows you to save as much as possible the floor space and is very inexpensive. The only piece of furniture - doors. This model of the cabinet is ideal for compact rooms in which there is a built-in niche;
  • semi-built-in wardrobes are different in that they do not have only a part of the elements (one wall, pallet). Arrangement of such a cabinet is inexpensive;
  • corner / diagonal cabinet looks spectacular in spacious rooms. The design uses two to four sliding doors. On high shelves it is recommended to fold off-season wardrobe. With the help of special rods easier to get things from inaccessible places.



The interior in the loft style can not be attributed to the ordinary and common, although the furniture used items made of wood and metal. Most cabinets have a strict appearance, and the presence of patterned or floral ornaments is simply ridiculous. It is allowed to print on wooden surfaces stylized inscriptions or signs, symbolizing the marking of cargo or logistics signs.

If you definitely want to install a mirror, then the canvas is mounted on the entire door (without frames) or in the form of fragments (cracking of the surface layer can be imitated - this is a variant of the decoration in the craquelurer technique).



Perhaps the book can already be attributed to the old and valuable things that are used in the design of interiors in the style of a loft. To ensure that paper editions do not deteriorate (they are not damp and dusty), it is advisable to store them in suitable cabinets (open or closed). Furniture requirements:

  • the shelves must withstand a substantial weight of paper editions. The optimal distance between the shelves is determined by the height of the books plus 1-2 cm for ventilation;
  • the depth of the shelf should be sufficient to accommodate books in one row;
  • so that the paper does not become damp, it is advisable to periodically open the cabinet doors for airing.

Closed loft-style bookcases are made of wood and look like shop windows. It is advisable to keep the picture of the natural structure of wood, but it is also possible to paint the cabinets. Shades are selected pale, pastel. White furniture looks stylish, especially if the paint is applied only to the outside of the cabinet.

If there is no desire to clutter the room with furniture with deaf doors, then the open models will perfectly complement the industrial interior. The peculiarity of such products is open shelves, the absence of side walls (their role is played by intersecting strips). At individual levels of furniture you can place not only a book, but also appliances, paintings, souvenirs. Such furniture is grouped by place and shape (angular or linear).




A great option for the manufacture of the cabinet - the use of a metal frame and wooden shelves. And it’s quite easy to assemble such a bookcase in a loft style with your own hands:

  1. a drawing of the future design is made taking into account all the parameters: height / width / depth of the cabinet and depth of the shelves;
  2. for the manufacture of the frame, a corner of 30x50 mm or a profiled tube of 20x50 mm is quite suitable. Harvested segments of the appropriate length and welded. At this stage, it is important to follow the correct construction - its verticality and horizontal. Welding places are cleaned and the whole structure is painted;
  3. harvested boards for shelves that are processed (sanded and painted);
  4. the final stage - the shelves, the bottom, the upper shelf, the roof and the rear wall are screwed to the frame.

To move away from the warehouse image and give the open bookcase a more aesthetic look, you can slightly change its design: “string” the shelves on the pipes. Depending on the width of the cabinet, supports can be positioned along the edges of the shelves and in the middle. To ensure the safety and stability of narrow models, they are attached to the floor / ceiling / walls / other structures.

If the cabinet is painted in the tone of the wall, then the design will "dissolve" in the room. This is especially characteristic of white furniture, installed against the wall with white brickwork.

If you want to select furniture, choose materials in contrasting colors.




Loft style entrance hall

When making a corridor, it is necessary to take into account that it is desirable to select furniture for this style with strict forms, with a rough texture. To create a factory atmosphere in the corridor, it is enough to put an appropriate small closet.

Furniture for a hall in the style of a loft can be metal, wooden or combined (combining several materials). Optimal colors for furnishings - white, gray, brown.



The design of the wardrobes may be as follows:

  • freestanding - a complete wardrobe with back and side walls, bottom and top cover. The main advantage of furniture - it is easy to rearrange. In small hallways products can be installed on rollers - this will allow to transport it if necessary. As a finish, it will be interesting to look: decorative inscription in the form of cargo marking or imitation of an aged surface;
  • partially built-in - features incomplete equipment (one / two parts may be missing (bottom or roof). In compact hallways, you need and can attach a mirror without a frame to the door. Thanks to these techniques, the corridor space will increase visually.

When arranging furniture, it is taken into account that the closet can be placed in the corner of the hallway or along the wall.




The optimal cabinet depth for the hallway is 40 cm. This modest parameter is compensated by the compact size of the furniture. In such models it is recommended to install two doors. It should be borne in mind that furniture manufacturers install a 50 cm wide casement in a closet. For storing clothes, use a side hung, which is installed perpendicular to the wall. When placing clothes must be aware that the front things will block the rear.

Interiors in loft style stand out minimal use of furniture. When selecting furniture, one should take into account the presence of three trends in style: bohemian, industrial and glamorous. When setting up a room, it is necessary to remember that in such a room objects with a “touch of antiquity” and modern models are perfectly combined. The main requirements for cabinets in the style of loft - simplicity and functionality.