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How to quickly wash the ceiling without stains: the secrets of housewives

It often happens that when cleaning up the apartment, the owners forget about the ceiling. It is believed that it is the least susceptible to pollution: there are no objects installed on it, they practically don’t touch it, unlike the floor and walls. However, unlike the floor and walls, you can’t hide all sorts of stains, stains and other problem areas on the ceiling. In addition, ceilings are usually light colors, so any dirt on them will be visible to the naked eye. In the kitchen, the ceiling is most susceptible to pollution, so regular cleaning is simply necessary. Perfectly clean ceiling without stains - decoration of any apartment!

How to wash a painted ceiling

Previously, ceilings were usually treated with whitewash. Any dirt was hidden by a new layer. On the wet cleaning of the ceiling could not be considered. Now whitewash has been replaced by new coating methods: suspended ceilings, oil paint, polystyrene tiles and others. Oil paint, although less environmentally friendly (it clogs the pores, preventing ventilation), but allows for wet cleaning of the ceiling. The ceiling, treated with oil paint, can be safely washed with water with the addition of cleaning agents (a rag, sponge or mop). After that, the surface must be well wiped off and left to dry.

An alternative to oil paints is a polyvinyl acetate based emulsion. Such ceilings are afraid of wet cleaning, as there may be stains and drips. In this case, you must use special wet wipes or a vacuum cleaner. Before these napkins, you must first clean the least visible part of the ceiling and, if the result is positive, you can clean the entire ceiling.

How to wash the suspended ceiling

The popularity of stretch ceilings is easy to explain. With this ceiling, you can give your home a unique style. In addition, they are not afraid of deformation, dust, they do not lose their original color, do not crack. Ceilings of this type are different: matte, glossy, white, colored, plain and decorated with patterns, aluminum, but even such a miracle of modern design must sometimes be cleaned, especially in the kitchen. How to do it right?

The first thing you need to pay attention to when cleaning a suspended ceiling is not to use hard brushes or sponges in order not to damage the surface of the ceiling. For this purpose, the best option - foam sponge or flannel cloth. It is possible to moisten a sponge or a rag in water with a small concentration of soap. In no case is it recommended to use abrasives or a cream with solid particles. It is also undesirable to wash the ceiling with soda - it can damage the smooth surface. In general, you should always remember that the surface of the stretch ceiling is very fragile and vulnerable to scratches, especially gloss. Before cleaning, it is better to remove all jewelry from your hands: rings, bracelets. The ceiling should be wiped in a circular motion, slightly pressing on it.

As mentioned earlier, a sponge or cloth can be wetted in a soapy solution. If the ceiling is glossy, soap stains may remain on it. To remove them after washing the surface should be well wiped with a dry cloth. Stretch glossy ceiling is recommended to wash a special microfiber cloth. With the help of such a wipe, you can easily eliminate all stains, as it perfectly absorbs moisture.

What, besides soap, you can still wash the stretch ceilings? For this purpose, experts recommend the use of special detergents designed for washing stretch ceilings. Such tools eliminate any pollution without problems. They cost dearly, but experts advise to use just such means, especially for cleaning the ceiling in the kitchen. After them, there are no divorces.

As for the funds intended for washing suspended ceilings, it is important that they do not contain acetone. The point here is that acetone can negatively affect the appearance of the ceiling surface. Again, before using such a washing preparation, it is advisable to check on any inconspicuous area. To do this, put a little substance on the surface and wait about 15 minutes. If all goes well, you can continue to work. If the color of the surface has changed, irregularities have appeared, then this means must be discarded.

Recall that while cleaning the ceiling it is necessary to press it lightly, without applying excessive effort. Using a mop will simplify this process, especially if the walls in the apartment are high. Here it is also impossible to press hard - it is fraught with deformations or cracks and, as a result, the replacement of the ceiling. And the less the degree of pressure, the better.

The suspended ceiling can also be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. However, here you need to be sure that the structure is attached securely. Otherwise, there is a risk that any part may be damaged. If a cobweb or dust is found in some part of the ceiling, it is better to remove it with a rag or a whisk. Use in this case, the vacuum cleaner is undesirable.

You can also add that the suspended ceiling is recommended to wash about once every six months, in the kitchen - and more often. We think now you know how to wash the suspended ceiling at home.

How to wash the plastic ceiling

Experience shows that most often in the apartment the ceiling is contaminated in the kitchen. This is easy to explain - it is in the kitchen that the most aggressive conditions (humidity, temperature change, fat), therefore, special requirements must be placed on the ceiling in the kitchen: it must be well cleaned, not absorb moisture and other substances. The plastic ceiling fully complies with these requirements. Plastic tile washing is not at all difficult, unlike stretch ceilings or whitewashed.

In the kitchen, over time, all surfaces acquire a yellowish tint: walls, tiles, and a refrigerator. The ceiling is no exception. Here we need timely care, and then this problem will not be. Tiles on the ceiling also need to be cleaned with a certain frequency.

In order not to constantly stand on a stepladder or table, and then not to move it or him constantly, you can use a mop for washing - it will be more convenient and faster. In addition, the mop will allow you to easily clean the tile in hard to reach places (for example, to clean the ceiling plinth).

How and what to wash the plastic ceiling? How to wash it? To do this, the following tools are suitable:

  • soap solution;
  • dishwashing liquid;
  • ammonia.

Using soap solution to clean plastic tiles is the easiest and cheapest option. Here is suitable laundry soap. Soap should be a light color. The soap is mixed with hot water until foam appears. Dishwashing detergents are used in the same way - it must be mixed before foaming. Well, liquid ammonia should not foam. Despite this, it effectively removes any dirt from the tile.