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Interior brown kitchen: new combinations (30 photos)

The atmosphere of comfort and home warmth in the kitchen gives brown color. Over the past few years, the brown color has become the leader of the color palette and has taken its place in the choice of customers. Brown color has many shades, it is practical and original.

Characteristic shade

When choosing kitchen furniture there is a mistaken opinion that the presence of brown in the kitchen is a boring and completely unpleasant design, but if we consider brown as the main color, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • Originality of color. Its combination with other colors is a huge plus in interior design. By choosing an acceptable color finish, you can get almost any style from classic to avant-garde.
  • Brown is considered to be a sign of diligence, sensible decision and understanding, devotion. He is rightly considered the color of the Earth, which means that there is a state of reliability in it. Thanks to this color, you can get away from problems, relax a little and be distracted. This is the color of peace, which means that after a hard working day in a brownish kitchen, you can rest from worries and have a great time. Brown has an unusual pleasantness, it identifies the natural essence, so it is so good. It lacks the color components of the most powerful energy of red and black colors.
  • This color is rich in its color shades. It has shades of cream, red, coffee colors. Owning the color of "nature" brown color may be present in every room of a residential building as a landlord.
  • This color is universal. It is easily combined with many other tones, as well as in different shades when forming a furniture set.
  • Brown furniture set always looks perfect and neat. Color masks in itself possible attritions, roughnesses and dirt. Mostly brown shades like bachelors because of the constant purity of appearance.
  • In small kitchens, brown texture of light colors is well applicable. By choosing a brown interior, you surround yourself with a suitable and comfortable place.

Design avatars and brown

A unique brown shade can perfectly find its place in a variety of styles of cuisine.

Furniture set in such a kitchen can be completely different, for example, in the classical style decorative carving can be added to it, in art deco it can be processed unique glass, in ultramodern it is gloss.

Classic style

The beige and brown furniture made of a natural tree gives classical gloss to kitchen.

Country music

This style conveys the mood of the village hut. Roughness, cracks on the dining table convey the life of rural life. Only real wood will plunge you into the world of country music.


Today, more and more people tend to choose this style. Minimalism in a modern-bright brown tones conveys an amazing mood. The furniture is made from both natural and artificial composition.

High tech

The new trend of new developments is present in the kitchen of this option. The furniture itself is discreet and accurate. Metal surfaces are sure to be present.

Ethnic style

This design idea conveys the traditions and customs of a single people. Pretty decisive step in the interior of the kitchen room. To convey the accuracy of the people, you need to know the customs and traditions of a country.


This style is something different, resembling a synthesis of past and present. It includes references to the interior of the last century, which are transmitted by furniture and modern appliances.

Kitchen renovation and color selection

Perfectly combined colors are shades of cream, caramel, light beige mood. Brown furniture of black tone will stand out perfectly and will be the center of attention on a light background (champagne background). The beige-brown kitchen with a dark floor and the lightened walls and a ceiling will perfectly look.


Glossy white ceiling will be a unique addition to brown furniture. A yellow or orange ceiling gives the kitchen sunshine. Pink or blue gloss ceiling will return you to retro.


Experts in the field of design do not recommend to make out walls with pure white color.

Brown kitchen will look strictly and formally, that we do not need. If you still stopped on a white background of the walls, the furniture should be dark brown. The elements of the decor will be floral, berry theme. Accents can be watches, statues, household items with an interesting design. Wall decoration in the kitchen can be performed in several variations. Here everyone chooses his own:

  • small-scale plaster;
  • wooden plates;
  • interior rattan base;
  • amazing inserts of leather and stone.


It is also an element to complement the overall design picture. Registration of a floor - an individual choice of the owner. Gender, in turn, differs in coverage:

  • wooden;
  • tile under the floor;
  • a tile of pleasant, not dark shades.

Color selection

Brown is perfectly combined with almost all color shades, with the exception of only some of them. Black and gray are not compatible with brown. Violet and dark blue are not recommended to be combined either.

Facade and its design


  • Cream, beige, caramel. Furniture in this color scheme looks elegant and unique.
  • Orange, yellow. Just a bold and memorable combination.
  • Green, light green. This combination at the subconscious level conveys freshness and coolness.
  • Red. Impudent, defiant color, wishing to add neutral notes of caramel, milky color to the design.

Color tabletop design and apron design

Brown kitchen design:

  • Apron and table top light shade.
  • Worktop made of steel, apron mosaic.
  • Apron and table top yellow.
  • The tabletop is made of steel, the apron is red.

White - brown kitchen:

  • Tabletop and apron green "rich" color.
  • Countertop and apron in warm color.
  • Black table top, white apron.
  • White top and apron.
  • Countertop and apron mosaic.

Choosing a kitchen, you should plan everything well, weigh it and calculate it. If you have a small kitchen, then responsibility for planning increases. Every detail in the kitchen should be important, necessary and not eating up the kitchen space.

Elegance in color - your personality and approach to knowledge of the case. If you look at mass manufacturers of furniture today, you can come across any color design of kitchen furniture, but not brown. Brown performance - the lot of uniqueness and practicality.

If you value yourself, if you want to surprise others and feel confident and calm in the kitchen, feel free to choose a brown kitchen of any color and style. This noble color will give confidence, fill the kitchen space with purity, freshness and originality.

The brown kitchen is a choice of freshness and grace. The consistency of furniture, walls, floor, ceiling will give a phenomenal result of the picture as a whole.