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Children's room in pink: girl's paradise (31 photos)


With the advent of the child in the family, the question arises how to equip the children's room so that the baby is comfortable and pleasant to be there. Pink (for a girl) and blue (for a boy) are considered the traditional colors of decoration. Despite this classic division, we should not forget that the use of modern elements of decor and other colors in the interior will also help create a stylish and beautiful room.




Optimal color solution

Baby pink is the dream of most girls. This color creates a magical atmosphere.

Pink is a complex color, in the classic version it consists of red with the addition of white, but it can also have purple, blue or orange notes.






For the design of the nursery in pink color, you can use these colors:

  • White. The combination of white and pink will add room elegance, solemnity and tenderness. For example, walls and bedding can be decorated in soft pink color, and the furniture in the nursery can be made white.
  • Gray. It will balance the main color, add a sense of peace, stability.
  • Yellow. Add positive and energy. Bright yellow interior elements will help to get rid of drowsiness, add vitality and activity.
  • Green. The classic combination of nature itself: a pink flower on a green stem. The combination of these colors will be harmonious and beautiful.
  • Blue. A peculiar combination. However, properly selected shades will help create a stylish room. At the same time it is better to use it for the decoration of children's rooms in a modern style.
  • Brown. Pink and brown - contrasting colors, but their combination turns out gentle and harmonious. The pink children's room with brown accents will please the girl, since these neutral colors can be diluted with bright elements.

When color design is important to choose colors from one palette - warm or cold. For the room facing the north, more suitable design with warm colors, and for the sunny side, you can use a cold range of shades.

If the room is small it is better not to use bright pink on the walls and furniture, as this will visually reduce the room and increase the furniture. However, it can be used for contrast, for example, to make one wall bright, and the rest - light, it will visually add volume.




Pink color in childhood and adolescence

Most girls dream of fairies and princesses, and their image is associated with pink. He is also identified with tenderness, magic, and happiness. As the child grows up, the amount of pink will decrease, but he will still remain in the details, elements of his favorite things.





From birth to 3 years

At this age, the child still does not express specific wishes for registration, therefore parents decide everything themselves. Based on the fact that sleep at this age is the basis for the development of the baby, the colors of the child’s room should be calm, not provoking. It is decorated in pastel shades of pink with the addition of neutral colors, for example, white, cream, light beige or light gray.




From 3 years to 11

The child begins to be interested in everything around, they like bright contrasting colors. The girl is growing up and has already expressed her wishes for the design of the room. Bright accents are added to the interior, it can be both decorative elements and furniture.




Older than 11 years

Many parents design the room for several years, because they do not have the opportunity to frequently change the interior design. If the design takes place in this way, it is necessary to prepare that in the adolescent period the child in pink may not like the girl. On this basis, the design must be functional.




If the design of the room occurs at a younger age, then in order to please the child and at the same time prepare for future maturation, the pink color is used in the design, but not in the basic details of the interior. In pink color, you can arrange bedding, chair covers, small details of the decor. Over time, if the grown-up girl has no desire to see her room pink, you can easily change the pink color in the interior to any other.




Thus, a pink children's room, correctly decorated in the color aspect, will give the girl a sea of ​​positive emotions. In her, she can feel like a real princess and succumb to the dreams of magic. In adolescence, the color design can be easily changed without disturbing the interior of the nursery.