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Bathroom redevelopment: basic secrets (27 photos)


There are several ways to redevelop the bathroom, each of which has its own advantages. For example, the redevelopment of the bathroom allows you to create a spacious functional room by combining with a bathroom, a corridor or, conversely, the delimitation of spaces.




Bathroom redevelopment: ways and features

Ready-made room dimensions are rarely satisfied by apartment owners, which is why the redevelopment of the bathroom and the bathroom saves the situation. Standard-sized bathrooms for an average family are small in size, so often people use the option of combining a bathroom and a bathroom, thereby increasing the space.




In rare cases, in new buildings or in their own homes, the bathrooms are too large, and therefore owners tend to separate them for ease of use. Another plan option is to create your own redevelopment project with the seizure of a corridor or adjacent space.



Combining toilet space and bathroom into one

To combine two rooms into one, it is necessary to disassemble the partition between them. To do this, you need to spend a lot of time, effort and energy. Conceived redevelopment of the bathroom and bathroom should begin with their cleaning from all sorts of unnecessary items that may interfere with the dismantling of the partition, including wiring, tiles or wallpaper. Be sure to prepare all the documents that allow such an event. Consent must be legally authenticated to avoid imposing a fine. Step-by-step actions:

  1. First you need to prepare and lay a cardboard or oilcloth, as in the process of combining the bathroom and toilet too much rubbish, waste and construction dust will fall.
  2. To avoid collapsing the wall at the time of dismantling, you need to disassemble it from the top. Near the corners you need to make small holes with a punch.
  3. Then, using a diamond disk on the grinder, you need to make an incision in the wall along the line drawn between the holes. The cuts should be made neatly, but deeply on both sides of the wall.
  4. Usually 4 through holes need to be connected in a U-shaped way with the help of three cuts.
  5. The bottom of the last cut and do it should not be to the end.
  6. The next stage is a work with a sledge hammer to tear down pieces of the wall. There will be a lot of construction waste, so you need to collect it in bags in a timely manner and take it out of the bathroom.
  7. After the destruction of the wall in the opening will still remain fragments of building materials that will need to be removed with the help of grinders.
  8. It's okay if small cavities are formed, they will need to be repaired during the finishing work.



It is advisable in the process of preparing for the demolition of the partition to think about their own safety, wearing protective gloves, goggles and a respirator.



The construction of the partition between the bathroom and toilet

Reverse redevelopment of the bathroom in the panel house can mean the division of the combined bathroom into two rooms. It is possible to build a partition from different materials.





First, the frame is made of metal profiles with a galvanized surface, then the structure can be sheathed with gypsum plasterboard. To the wall turned out soundproof, you can put between the plasterboard sheets of insulating material or ordinary insulation. Such a wall can serve simultaneously as a partition, a niche for the placement of communications, a decorative element with shelves.

Spending just a few days to redevelop the bathroom in a panel house, you can get two full-fledged, independent of each other functional premises.



The use of the corridor for the redevelopment of the bathroom

For significant modifications of the bathroom, you can use a small part of the corridor. This type of redevelopment in Khrushchev will be more costly and financially, and relatively ongoing work. Everything is explained by the fact that in addition to the transfer of walls, you will need to change the floor covering, to provide waterproofing of the floor area. Such modifications of the bathroom can be done in two ways:

  • a slight reduction in the area of ​​the corridor - suitable for those who want to place additional items in a small bathroom room, for example, a washing machine without affecting the useful area of ​​the corridor;
  • activation of the full area of ​​the corridor under the bathroom. To do this, you must provide access to the adjacent room through the adjacent room. The bathroom itself will be quite spacious.



There are a lot of ready-made examples when the size of small bathrooms were increased 2 or 3 times. When choosing this method, you must take into account the total area of ​​the apartment, especially the placement of the bathroom and bathroom, financial capabilities.



Useful tips

Zatevaya repair bathroom with redevelopment, correctly and it will be useful to pre-study the recommendations that stand, which will facilitate the repair process and will protect from further trouble.

  • First you need to solve sanitary and legal issues. Without them, to begin redevelopment of any room in the apartment is not worth it. In order for the modifications of the premises not to interfere with the neighbors from below, it is necessary to coordinate with them all the important points, including ensuring the necessary waterproofing.
  • A good solution and an alternative to expanding the bathroom can be the most common redevelopment inside the room. It is enough to swap plumbing with other objects or purchase newer compact devices to make the space more free. A mirror-walled shower stall, a washing machine with a vertical loading mode, a seated bathroom model and many other options will help to expand the space.
  • When creating a large bathroom for a large family, it would be advisable to install an additional sink in the accessible space. It will be very convenient in the morning to save time on washing. You can install overhead plumbing to rationalize space by placing under non-lockers for storing accessories.
  • For those who wish to have a bidet in the bathroom, there is a universal option - a toilet bidet, which will save at least 2 times more space. The hanging model will also allow some space for storing various items, such as brushes, jars.
  • Combining a bathroom with a toilet, you can leave a small part of the wall as a partition. The height will be enough 1.5 meters, the partition can be made of plaster, glass or other material and serve at the same time as a receptacle of different gizmos or decorative elements.