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Convertible sofa: features and benefits (26 photos)


The main attribute of the organization of space in the living room is upholstered furniture. One of the most popular items of furniture group is a sofa. It provides a full place to sleep and at the same time decorates the room. Especially popular is a comfortable and multifunctional sofa-transformer.



Transformers sofas were installed in apartments before, only they were called folding. Today, these sofas are equipped with more advanced mechanisms and can be a bright decoration of the living room, children's and even the kitchen. In addition, a 3-in-1 convertible sofa can be installed in a study or in an office.

Today transforming sofa for the living room are presented in a wide variety. People can choose any convenient model that will be suitable in terms of functional parameters, purpose and price. Straight and round transforming sofas can be in the form:

  • Eurobooks;
  • withdrawable model;
  • couches;
  • accordion.

For direct sofas, which can be transformed in the shortest possible time, include books, couches and click-klyak. Even children and elderly people can turn a sofa into a bed in one motion. The children's transforming sofa is equipped with a convenient and simple mechanism, which means that its layout will not cause any difficulties for the child.



Roll-out and pull-out models of sofas are equipped with special mechanisms and differ from other options by special fastening. In addition, transforming sofas differ in the location of the box. So the berth can be located along the wall or perpendicular to the back backrest.

The corner transforming sofa is a real find for apartments with a small square. It occupies a minimum of space, and, if necessary, can provide several beds.

Particularly well, such a sofa will fit into the living room, if the apartment owners like to receive a lot of guests who need to be placed overnight. In this case, a transforming sofa for teenagers can act as a full-fledged sleeping place, as reliable and durable mechanisms can withstand the daily layout.



Advantages of transforming sofas

A large sofa for the living room is not only a bed, but also a real island for rest and relaxation. If you want this item of furniture group at night turned into a bed, then you should think about buying a sofa-transformer. Its main advantages include: multifunctionality, simplicity and ease of operation, saving space in the room, practicality, reasonable price, unfolding in several movements.



The sofa transformer with a berth allows to save space and to use space of a room most rationally. Moreover, some models of direct sofas are capable of modification, rearrangement of modules.

Such furniture does not overload the interior of the room and becomes its functional and aesthetic element. Modular sofas help to regularly update the design of the room at no cost. All that is needed is to rearrange the modules, and the interior will sparkle with new colors.

The soft sofa, transforming into a table, a bed, cannot be visually distinguished from the usual model. It does not differ from a usual sofa either in appearance or in size. The only difference may be the price, as folding, sliding mechanisms can reach half the cost of the furniture itself. Some sofas for the living room can be equipped with additional elements, including lockers for storing bed linen, clothes and shoes.



The kitchen sofa-transformer, equipped with drawers and shelves, allows you to place a variety of objects and accessories, as well as household appliances. Some appliances are used very rarely, and a special box helps to collect all kitchen appliances in one place.



The cost of unusual modular sofas, which can be transformed into other items of the furniture group, is not overstated and acceptable to many people. A double design has a lower price than two separate items. When buying a sofa and a bunk bed, a person will spend 2-3 times more money.



How to choose a sofa convertible?

When choosing a sofa-transformer for a small room, it is important to pay attention not only to its visual appearance, design, but also to the quality component. Upholstered furniture should be beautiful, but at the same time comfortable to use. A straight sofa should be made of quality materials and accessories. If we approach the question of choosing this attribute correctly and responsibly, then it will serve its owners for many years. A transforming sofa with a table, wardrobe or bed should be selected based on the following parameters:

  • convenience and ease of transformation;
  • quality and type of filler material;
  • availability of additional functions;
  • upholstery material.



Equally important when choosing a sofa direct, transforming into a bunk bed, plays and the quality of its filler. It affects the comfort and sleep, and rest. The best option is considered to be a filler, which consists of independent spring blocks. Such a filler is not deformed even after many years of use, provides a comfortable sleep, the correct location of the body and spine.



Any furniture should be multifunctional and equipped with additional options. Transformer for a small apartment should be equipped with additional elements to save space. For example, a table, a safe or a built-in bar can act as an additional element. This allows you to distribute certain objects and things in their places.



When choosing a direct or round sofa for the living room, people, first of all, pay attention to its aesthetic component. The upholstery of a sofa, straight or round, should be made of natural materials, as well as dense synthetic materials that do not require special care. The fabric should not stretch, fade in the sun and lose its functional properties during use. Transformers leather sofas are perfect in this case. Genuine leather is highly durable and resistant to moisture, pollution.