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Unusual houses - a view from a different angle (26 photos)


Since ancient times, people have been trying to stand out for something, to rise above the gray routine. This is especially noticeable in architecture. Egyptian pharaohs, not sparing the lives of builders, erected high pyramids that have been standing for several thousand years. The Romans built a giant amphitheater Colosseum, the remains of which have survived to this day. Russian tsars invited famous Italian architects to perpetuate their power. In Europe and Asia, the rulers built palaces and houses of unusual architecture, wishing to amaze the contemporaries. Many managed to leave the memory of themselves for centuries. In our century, architects have learned how to build original houses that are accessible to ordinary people, and not to kings.




Exotic antique styling

It would seem that it is difficult to surprise people of our time with something, but modern architects know how to do it. We were no longer surprised by the huge castles of kings, but what if we build a miniature castle on our site? It will impress the neighbors.




Many are struck by unusual residential buildings, which differ from simple cottages or huts with original architectural solutions.

Residential buildings, stylized as Gothic, Old Russian culture, under Chinese pagodas or palaces of the Eastern Padishahs, have recently become particularly valued.

The most unusual houses in the world are antique buildings. People like to identify themselves with ancient and powerful civilizations, therefore this direction of architecture is so popular.

New building technologies allow to build houses of different eras and different nations, while maintaining full identity, but at the same time ensuring compliance with modern requirements.

Today there are many architectural organizations that create projects of houses and cottages in the old Russian style. These are wooden buildings, created in the image of palaces of ancient Russian princes. They can not only outside, but also inside correspond to the ancient historical epoch. The interior of this house is selected appropriate: massive oak tables and benches, antique wall decoration, fireplaces in the form of Russian stoves.

Unusual projects of houses in the style of medieval European architecture are also very popular. These are unique country buildings, beautiful, with pointed windows and pointed gabled roofs. Their facades can be finished depending on the wishes of the customer and on the designer’s imagination.

Buildings built in the style of Japanese, Chinese or Vietnamese architecture are not so popular in Russia, but they are also found. The roofs of private houses, designed in the style of the Far Eastern pagodas, have curved shapes, symbolizing the principle of cyclicity.



Chinese and Japanese styles imply absolute minimalism. They do not have a single extra detail either on the facade or inside. The color of such houses consists of a maximum of two colors: white and black, yellow and gray, as well as combinations of other traditional colors. The unusual layout of the house is combined with a very simple almost ascetic atmosphere. Usually, a small apple, pear, or cherry orchard is planted next to such a house.



Modern architectural styles

Modern wooden buildings are also unusual to our eyes, as well as antique styling. Houses of unusual shape in high-tech style look a bit futuristic. At first glance, they may seem to be a jumble of cubes, the intersection of asymmetric lines, disproportionate angles. However, a good architect will make a work of art out of all this.

High-tech, widely used in the construction of huge office buildings of glass and concrete, can be used for projects of one-storey houses made of wood.



Many people are mistaken in thinking that only rectangular houses can be built from wood. Modern technologies allow to design and build houses from timber of any shape, from ordinary boxes to futuristic buildings in the shape of an ellipse and other unusual geometric shapes. Thanks to the flexibility of the material with the tree, you can do anything you want, would be a solid frame. However, futurism is not very developed in the private sector, and usually only massive reinforced concrete buildings for various corporations are built in this style. However, there are also wooden one-story houses in a similar style.



Beautiful and unusual houses are a piece goods, they are specially developed for individual orders, sensitively listening to the wishes of customers. Standard designs, even the most beautiful, will never surpass the original and unusual one-time projects that remain in a single performance. After all, designers are investing more in individual projects than in standard designs. Many of these projects, made with love, win prestigious architectural awards, such as Elitarh, Reputation, ADD Awards and many others.