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Massage chair - an autonomous office of personal appointment


Massage chair - a multifunctional device for hardware effects on the body. The device imitates the manipulations of a professional masseuse. With the help of high-tech design, comfortable conditions are created to effectively support health and good rest for a short time.




Features of the device massage chair

The design is equipped with built-in elements that are controlled by a drive mechanism:

  • roller system - rotating up-down and back-to-back parts imitate tapping, pressing, kneading and other actions;
  • air-compression system - airbags compress and unclench body areas, such techniques as stretching and twisting are also performed;
  • vibrodisks - provide complex vibration, stimulating muscles.

Modern electric massage chairs are provided with a variety of programs involving the study of problem points of muscle groups, musculoskeletal system and nerve endings.



Installation functionality

Standard equipment models provide a minimum set of fixtures:

  • air bags;
  • videos;
  • static insoles with pegs for working out acupuncture points;
  • timer;
  • scanner.

Standard equipment allows you to perform such techniques as kneading, tapping, vibration, shiatsu, tapping.



Premium device models are equipped with, in addition to the standard set of devices, high-tech functionality:

  • HRI base - determines the pulse rate and finds painful points;
  • warming infrared rays - relieves pain, dilates blood vessels;
  • 3D equipment - rollers move in all directions with enhanced intensity.

Manufacturers also produce modifications of installations with add-on modules for tea, integrated multimedia system, and hydromassage baths. To choose the right equipment among the current proposals, it is worth exploring the extended review of massage chairs.



The prevailing part of the massage chairs has 8 main functions and 3 additional:

  • massage of the back, hands, legs, feet - performed on the basis of roller systems and air-compression mechanism;
  • impact with the effect of 3D - at certain parts of the body at the same time, pressure comes from different sides;
  • stretching - airbags provide a tensile effect, clamping the shoulder girdle and tibia;
  • body scan - an individual program of hardware manipulations is selected on the basis of information about anatomical features;
  • Position "zero gravity" - the load on the musculoskeletal system is removed as a result of a change in the position of the structure from vertical to reclining. Muscles relax as much as possible.

Additional functionality includes smartphone control, built-in music equipment and a compact format for the "zero gravity" position.



Types of massage chairs

According to the scope of use there are 3 types of equipment.


The business version of the device for hardware exposure is installed on sites with intensive maneuverability, has a bill acceptor. Most often found in the interior of shopping centers, waiting rooms and other public places. Differs in high wear resistance, the impressive sizes, is completed with a wide choice of programs. Functional vending chairs designed for continuous operation for several thousand hours. Product cost varies in high range.

If you do not know how to choose a massage chair for the home, consider the fact that the cost of the unit varies depending on the functional features of the model. Also pay attention to the following points:

  • design dimensions. Compact types of massage chairs, as a rule, are equipped with a minimum of functions. If you plan to buy equipment for beauty and health, consider models with a set of programs that provide a professional approach to working out problem areas of the body;
  • design. Genuine leather is used in the design of premium products. The main part of the hardware impact device has a eco-leather trim. In budget versions, the working surface is made of a polymer composition;
  • control method. Progressive types of massage chairs are equipped with computer control, the functionality is regulated electronically.

Models of the middle and budget segments are made with manual and automatic adjustment.

A good choice of a massage chair provides the opportunity to have the services of an autonomous manual room at home or in the office. Using hardware manipulations:

  • muscle fatigue is removed;
  • problems in the circulatory system, metabolism, motor apparatus are eliminated;
  • improves skin tone;
  • relieves stress, improves mood.

In the list of deficiencies in the equipment, impressive dimensions are noted - the design is not easy to place in a small quadrature of typical housing. The other side of the issue is the cost of the product. A full study of the cervical region, shoulder girdle and hands, back, legs and feet is provided by the unit with a set of programs, and only the best models of massage chairs have similar functionality. As a result, the price range of the device represents the middle and expensive segment. Budget models have only basic options.

Electronic implants, for example, pacemakers respond to electromagnetic effects, therefore, if there are any in the body, you cannot use the device of the hardware effect. In any case, before operation, it is better to consult with your doctor and find out all the pitfalls, contraindications, and there are a lot of them:

  • inflammatory processes, neoplasms;
  • diabetes, cardiovascular diseases;
  • skin diseases, open wounds;
  • early pregnancy;
  • sharp pains

It must be remembered that you can not overdo it with the procedures of hardware massage, this is fraught with consequences. One zone is worked for no more than 5 minutes. Session duration up to 30 minutes.

Fujiiryoki EC-3800

The leading positions in the ranking of popular hardware exposure installations are occupied by products of famous Japanese manufacturers. The brand Fujiiryoki launches innovative massage chairs of the super premium segment in the range of 250-375 thousand rubles. Fujiiryoki EC-3800 is a tandem of high functionality and exquisite design and is one of the top massage chairs with intelligent technology. The complex of standard techniques of impact on the body, the latest concepts of hardware massage in the form of stretching the spine - the progressive ideas of technical geniuses of the Land of the Rising Sun are embedded in the design.

The German premium brand Gess is produced in the PRC. Model Gess Symphonie is equipped with advanced techniques for hardware manipulation and a variety of programs. On the basis of the anthropological data of the organism, the system selects the optimal set of manual procedures. On the basis of roller systems and air cushions, arms, back, legs, and feet are worked through. Provided for the position of "zero gravity". Model Gess Emotion also has a function of "rhythm massage" - a combination of music and exposure to parts of the body has a positive effect on the results of manipulation.

The equipment is presented in the brand salons of manufacturers and multi-brand stores. If you plan to choose a massage chair at the best price, then use the services of online storefronts of official distributors. Test the device models in a specialized salon, find out the design features, consult with experts. When ordering selected products, be sure to clarify the terms of warranty and post-warranty service.