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Spathiphyllum: "white sail" in your apartment (20 photos)


This magnificent houseplant is shrouded in mysticism: it is believed that it helps to gain female happiness. In appearance, the plant resembles a sailboat in the ocean. It is worth getting to know him better, to learn how to care for spathiphyllum at home.




Spathiphyllum grows in the tropics on both sides of the equator. This is a perennial plant that reaches a height of from one third to one meter. It does not have a stem, and large ellipsoidal or lanceolate leaves, equipped with long petioles, grow directly from the ground. The spathiphyllum flower is a blanket of white, cream, and after flowering is green and the ear of various shades, up to red.

In the world there are up to 50 different species of this plant, but we consider the most popular varieties.

Spathiphyllum Wallis

Favorite material breeders who created on the basis of dozens of new species. Has up to 40 cm in height, white cob, dark green leaves, lancets.

Adorable or Flagshipist

Larger than Wallis. Dark green, elongated, with a sharply elongated tip, the leaves of this species resemble a lancet. A greenish-white bedspread looks like a flag (hence one of the names). Indoor specimens grow slowly.

In order for the plant in the conditions of the city to bloom regularly and not hurt, flower growers are advised to follow a number of rules and pay attention to the conditions in which the spathtifillum is located.


For the plant Spathiphyllum conditions are needed, as in the homeland: direct sun and strong shadow are also harmful. Ideal - diffused light or partial shade. Therefore, it is better to put it near the windows with access to the north. If they go to the south, you need to pritenyat flower.

For a spathiphyllum flower, care at home should be permanent, otherwise the plant loses an attractive healthy appearance, it dries. Consider the common options:

  • wrinkled, twisted, with brown edges - the soil is dry, too dry or very cold;
  • wilting - an excess of moisture;
  • edges turned yellow - little light or inappropriate water for irrigation;
  • dry tips brown color - low humidity in the room, lack or excess feeding;
  • motley leaves have lost their pattern - not enough light;
  • no flowering - a very spacious pot.

So, to the question exciting florists how to make the spathiphyllum blossom, the answer is brief: heat and humidity, daily spraying, plenty of light (but not direct sun), suitable pot.

The worst enemies of the delicate flower are the mealybug, spider mite, aphid. What if they appeared on the plant?


It settles mainly on recently appeared leaflets, which twist and fall off due to this. To destroy it, the plant is treated with aktellik or sprayed with a soap-alcohol solution.


These small, cotton-like insects usually breed between leaves. You can erase them with an alcohol solution, in more serious cases, apply Actellic or Keltan.

Where there is a spathiphyllum home, it is easier to breathe. This feeling is due to several reasons:

  • it takes formaldehyde (which is excreted by furniture) and other harmful volatile substances from the air;
  • humidifies the air;
  • emit volatile, actively "eating" colonies of microorganisms, including mold.

But caution is required if there are allergies in the house.

It is believed that the plant helps all women, and therefore is called "female happiness":

  • married - to keep the family hearth, the consent and the husband from the campaigns "to the left";
  • free to find the man of your dreams;
  • dreaming of a child - to become pregnant, bear a fetus and successfully give birth.

Therefore, it is presented as a gift: it will be appreciated.

Spathiphyllum is a magnificently beautiful and useful plant. Does not require special care, but adds aesthetic pleasure and health to the owners.